Lumi-Oxy, Your Personal Aesthetics Best Friend: Review

Lumi-Oxy, Your Personal Aesthetics Best Friend

Hello there darlings!

As you may know, just a few weeks ago, I had my final university exams and I am finally out of school, for good! *Gives myself a pat on the back* If you know me personally, my acne problems have been bugging me since my teenage years and till now, I am still suffering from acne scars, especially when my skin experiences break-outs during high-stress periods. Just last month during my study break, I have again gone through another break-out due to all that stress from cramming information into my brain. However, I have since made friends with a revolutionary personal aesthetics device that combats my acne/scarring woes and it is now my beauty best friend! ūüėÄ

It is none other than the…¬†*wait for it*¬†LUMI-OXY!

So, what is the Lumi-Oxy?

It is a Personal Aesthetics Technology (PAT) that seeks to target at the major Asian skin concerns Рpores, pimples, pigmentation and wrinkles. Well, at first glance, it does resemble the beauty cleansing device that most of us are familiar with, the Clarisonic. Instead of a cleansing brush head, the Lumi-Oxy comes with a glass bulb packed with power to revolutionise our daily skincare routine!

Just how does the Lumi-Oxy work? You would probably be asking this question by now so let me tell you how! The Lumi-Oxy combines Ozone Therapy and NASA‚Äôs LED Light Therapy¬†(Blue/Red)¬†to refine, renew and rejuvenate your skin. The¬†Ozone Therapy¬†function¬†works in such a way that it ionises three oxygen atoms (O + O2 = O3) in the surrounding, producing supercharged enriched oxygen called Ozone (O3), which can be penetrated into our skin. As for the LED Light Therapy (Read about NASA’s clinical trials here¬†and here.), it utilises LED RED and BLUE light to increase energy inside your cells that speeds up¬†any healing processes.

Sounds amazing already? Let’s go into how we can incorporate the Lumi-Oxy into our daily skincare routine, shall we? ūüėČ

How to use the Lumi-Oxy? Firstly, all you have to do is to plug in the device and then turn it on! Easy peasy! Do note that the device is highly-powered so practise electrical safety – plug in the device before switching it on – to prevent any electrical hazards. Before I go on about the different settings, let me tell you that this device is NOT to be used with makeup (including tinted moisturisers/BB creams/CC creams etc.) as your makeup products can actually be absorbed into your skin! I’m pretty sure you do not want that to happen right? The proper way to use this device is for it to accompany your SKINCARE products (your moisturiser/serum etc.).

Right after you switched it on, there are a few settings you can toggle, as can be seen on this little round menu of buttons. The first button is to switch the device ON/OFF. The second is to toggle the LED settings:
  • 1st Press: Continuous LED Red light
  • 2nd Press: Continuous LED Blue¬† light
  • 3rd Press: Continuous LED Red + Blue¬†lights
  • 4th Press: Alternating LED Red + Blue¬†lights
  • 5th Press: Continuous flashing¬†LED Red + Blue¬†lights in unison

And of course, the third button belongs to the Ozone Therapy settings:

  • 1st Press – Green √†¬†High (For Oily or Combination Skin)
  • 2nd Press – Red¬†√† Medium (For Normal Skin)
  • 3rd Press – Red¬†√† Low (For Sensitive Skin)

My favourite setting? The Ozone Therapy together with the continuous LED Blue light!

Let’s delve deeper into the¬†Ozone¬†Therapy¬†in this handy-dandy device!

Ozone Therapy seeks to RENEW your skin. Ozone sterilises and purifies skin upon contact and kills bacteria and germs too! It is so powerful that even the bulb gets sterilised just within 20 seconds! Through the use of this function, Ozone (O3) will be penetrated into your skin and this helps in evening out your skin tone via oxidation stimulation. It also reduces inflammation, acne and pimples. Using this function while massaging your skincare product can greatly aid in absorption of your skincare product too!

(Can you see the “sparks” from the bulb? It¬†will feel warm on the skin without a stinging sensation even though it sounds rather intimidating)

Being someone with sensitive skin, I mainly use the “Low” intensity with the LED Blue light, together with my skincare products (usually after moisturiser) and gently massage in circular motions for 3-5 minutes around the whole face. If I have an inflamed or huge pimple, I will press on it for about 5 minutes and you can visibly see the difference overnight! Oh and a point to note, do not use Ozone on the eyes and lips¬†because it can significantly dry out the already-delicate skin on the eyelids and lips.

LED Blue Light¬†helps¬†to REFINE¬†your skin. Yes, we have come to my favourite LED function, none other than the LED Blue light! This is honestly life-changing for me because as you know, dealing with acne-troubled skin can be a huge pain! I use this hand in hand with the Ozone function to first sterilise the surface of my skin and then allowing the LED Blue light to do its magic of killing the acne-causing bacteria and strengthen the skin’s own anti-inflammatory systems!

Say goodbye to acne and scarring with the Lumi-Oxy LED Blue Light Therapy! Totally a game changer for me! You can also use this for your dark eye circles without the Ozone treatment to lighten ’em panda eyes!

LED Red Light helps to REJUVENATE your skin. It helps in stimulating cell renewal and boost collagen production so that our skin appears firmer and more radiant! When used with the O3 function, it can actually reduce sagginess on the skin as well! Oh, did I mention that you can also reduce the appearance of those nasty eye bags? Simply close your eyes and hover the LED Red light alone over your eyes for 5 minutes a day!

For acne-prone skin like mine, I only use the LED Red light function on my eye bags because stimulating more collagen production on the acne can make them bigger and redder. So, if you have acne, do not use the LED Red light on those pesky zits if you don’t want them to be more inflamed!

Here’s the Before and After pictures of my stubborn acne marks. As you can see, they have lightened over¬†3¬†days¬†of usage after a fierce extraction from my facial treatment. They were very red and inflamed before the use of the Lumi-Oxy.¬†I feel so much more confident¬†of my acne marks now¬†because I truly see them lightening up!

Instead of spending a few hundreds of dollars each time for an intensive treatment at a facial boutique, this handy little device allows me to achieve the same effects, all in the convenience and comfort of my own home! I can even watch TV while using this device – it’s so easy! 5 minutes, twice a day is all you need to facilitate healing of your skin and the best part, it doesn’t hurt nor sting at all!

So, can you see why the Lumi-Oxy is now my beauty best friend now? ūüėČ

This Christmas, enjoy S$100 off the Lumi-Oxy! It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones. Find out more here:
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ‚ô°
XOXO, Roanna.

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