LUSH Oxford Street is here in Singapore: Review

LUSH Oxford Street
LUSH has opened up its brand new door on Oxford Street in London! The store boasts of the ultimate LUSH experience as it spreads over three floors, home to more than 200 exclusive products, has a Gorilla Perfume gallery, regular events and classes, and a LUSH Spa, a relaxing and pampering haven for patrons!
With the opening of the new store, LUSH Singapore is bringing us the Oxford Street Collection, right in our tiny little red dot! It’s all about vibrant colours, funky motifs and a redesign of some of their bestsellers – all to pamper your face, hair and body!
There is a whole collection of more than 30 products curated from the largest flagship store in London and here are just some of the ones I have with me that I wanna share! Let’s dig into them, shall we? 😉
If you are looking for a body scrub, look no further than The Rough with the Smooth Scrub (S$23 for 50g). It’s made with scrubby granulated sugar and murumuru butter to reveal devilishly smooth skin as you run it through your skin. With a bewitching pagan perfume added to the mix, consisting a mischievous blend of black pepper oil, patchouli oil and Fair Trade Vanilla absolute, this body scrub will leave a soothing herbal scent to your skin.
However, I think this bar of scrub wasn’t supposed to look like this. The oils started to seep through when I received it, so be careful when you purchase it.
Doesn’t this bar of soap resemble our chinese thousand layer cake (千层糕)? Well, called the Layer Cake (S$11 for 100g), it’s the sweetest, juiciest bar of rainbow you’ll ever feel! This multi-coloured soap contains five real fruit juices – raspberry, blueberry, orange, white grape and pineapple. You’re in for a fruity shower or bath as you cleanse with the sweet, uplifting scent of orange oil! It’s sure to make you crave for fruits after that. It just looks edible, isn’t it?
Birds of a feather bathe together! I remember using the Madame Butterfly version of this but now that I have the Pink Flamingo (S$19 for 100g), I’m not going back! It’s pink, it’s cute and importantly, it produces bubbles!! With fragrant rosewood and sexy ylang ylang to set the mood for all kinds of nude *cheeky face*, the softening macadamia nut oil and refreshing bergamot will leave you (and your partner) feeling in the pink! Not to mention the amount of fun you get from an intense *ahem* bubble bath! 😉
Want to make bath time an adventure? Seek and you’ll find it in The Experimenter (S$21 for 180g). Starring vibrant colours, popping candy and Fair Trade vanilla absolute from near the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda, you are in for an enigmatic and comforting romance of deep, complex vetivert notes that’ll enthrall your senses! With a plethora of five bright colours, it’s a spectacular sight to behold in your bath tub. It’s like a unicorn visited and spewed rainbows all over!
Did you spot anything in the previous photo? 😉 Yep you’re right, I’m talking about Kinky. Wait, the Kinky Hot Oil Treatment of course, what were you thinking?!
I haven’t heard of a hot oil treatment for the hair but this is said to give you that enviously silky and hydrated curls! It’s made with protective lanolin to strengthen natural curls, and it delivers intense moisture without diminishing the bounce and volume of your locks. Be mesmerised with the uplifting ylang ylang and rosewood scents too!
So apparently, you’re supposed to place your treatment bar into a suitable container and add a small amount of hot water while stirring to melt the bar, allowing it to thicken slowly. Then, apply to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes before shampooing, to allow the ingredients to get to work, hydrating and replenishing your crowning glory. Interesting, isn’t it?
While we are at hair care, the Jumping Juniper (S$20 for 55g) solid hair shampoo is reinvented in this collection! Containing Juniperberry, the solid shampoo gets to work by regulating sebum production and clearing the scalp. Calming lavender and anti-bacterial rosemary essential oils are used too to soothe and cleanse the scalp while lemon and lime oils give shine, as they help the cuticles on the hair lie flat, enabling them to reflect more light! Sounds amazing already? Just give it a try! It’s also very convenient for travelling as you’ll be able to avoid messy leaking liquid shampoo bottles/sachets.
Take your hands to paradise with this superbly effective hand scrub – the Salted Coconut Hand Scrub (S$47 for 250g)! This creamy coconut and sea salt exfoliator is the perfect way to keep your paws (I mean hands) in tiptop condition. Sea salt is a wonderful natural exfoliant, packed full of restorative minerals to cleanse and treat the skin, whilst coconut oil deeply hydrates without making your hands sticky. Reveal smooth, baby hands after a good ol’ scrubbing session!
Not part of the Oxford Street Collection, but I still want to mention, is the Dirty Toothy Tabs (S$9.50 for 10g). You may not know what are the tablet is for but once you unscrew the bottle cap and take a whiff, you’re bound to know its purpose. Yep, as the name suggests, these tablets are solid toothpaste! Made with spearmint to freshen your breath, plus neroli oil and baking soda to scrub your pearly whites clean in the morning, the toothy tabs are very convenient to carry around as well!
Just crunch one tablet up between your front teeth and grab your wet toothbrush to start brushing your teeth! It will foam just like “regular” toothpaste. Rinse well and show off your smile to everyone! :B
LUSH has always been a favourite of mine when it comes to body care as well as facial care. With so many new launches all the time, it’s always nice to fill your bathroom with more and more vibrant colours!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were given by LUSH Singapore for my consideraton. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It contains factual information from the brand.

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