LUSH-time at Great World City – store opening & cult favourites: Event & Review

LUSH-time at Great World City

Love LUSH like I do? Then you have to visit the new store at Great World City #01-07 if you’re living in/visiting Singapore! LUSH Singapore opened its doors to more customers with the addition of a rather accessible store for those residing in the west of Singapore! Isn’t that fantastic? 😉

Attended the Bloggers’ Party last week and I’m back to share with you the highlights of the pop-up store as well as several cult favourites that other stores might not carry!

If you haven’t known, LUSH is a beauty brand selling natural hair, body care and skincare products. The brand advocates creating products with fresh, natural ingredients for the hair and skin.

Like any other LUSH store, you’ll be first greeted with their signature bath products that I cannot live without – bath bombs and bubble bars! There are so many to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Their Sex Bomb bath bomb is one of their bestsellers, a must-have for any romantic bath for it contains some of the most potent and seductive ingredients to get you in the mood for a good… bath 😉 I say this is perfect if you want a romantic bathtime with your significant other.

If you want to indulge in a luxurious pampering bath, head over to the cheese bar! OOPS, I mean, soap bar! The area dedicated for the luxurious bath melts is transformed into that of a cheese bar, except with the bars of soap which contain decadent natural butters and loads of gorgeous essential oils.

One of my favourite highlights of the store is none other than a fresh masks station where you get to see the different fresh face masks made with fresh fruit, vegetables, butters, clays and the world’s finest essential oils. There is one for every skin trouble, they’ve got you all covered.

And of course, you have the classic wooden racks of products for the body, hair, face, nails and even fragrances (not pictured) but the one that truly intrigued me was their popular shampoo bars! Have you seen solid shampoo before? I haven’t! Apparently you’re supposed to use the bar to rub on three parts of your hair and it lathers like the usual shampoo!

Well, I was given a lovely bag of goodies prepared by the thoughtful marketing team for some LUSHful indulgence after the event and look what they’ve prepared! A bubble bar, solid shampoo bar, dry shampoo, luxurious bath melt and a mini sample of their cult favourite face moisturiser and I got myself a bar of facial soap!

The Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo gives you gloriously softened locks with ultimate shine. Each gentle cleansing bar is filled with exotic essential oils to promote a happy scalp and shiny hair. Fragrant ylang ylang makes dull hair gleam while violet leaf and elemi oil cleanse and tone the scalp. Lather up, rinse and be left with gorgeous, shining tresses.

With all that convincing the store advisors did, I snagged this piece of bread. I mean facial cleanser. The Movis Facial Soap is a spongy facial soap bar is packed full of wheat-based ingredients and is rich in vitamin E to help skin look smooth and radiant. Whole wheat breadcrumbs are mixed right in to help exfoliate and revive the skin, while gently scrubbing away any dry bits. Together with cleansing labdanum and sandalwood oil, your face will feel refreshed and clear. Did I tell you this smells like a piece of wholemeal bread with honey?

I love myself some bubble baths whenever I am overseas! I don’t have a bathtub at home so whenever I travel, I’ll be sure to head to a LUSH store to get a bath bomb/bubble bar just for some indulgence after long days of shopping 😉

With the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar, journey to the end of the rainbow! Beyond its shades of purple and violet, this giant bubble bar has a gorgeous violet, ylang ylang and jasmine scent that’s intoxicating yet delicate. Crumble a piece under running water and submerge yourself underneath silky, purple-y waters and take a moment to stop and smell the seductive florals of Ultraviolet for a chilled out bathtime.

I didn’t take this bath melt out just to show you how products are packaged at LUSH since they are all fresh and natural. Each piece of bath item you purchased will be wrapped in paper wrapping, complete with a sticker label of the product’s information.

This Honey I Washed The Kids Soap is their best-selling honey toffee soap-sation! You will definitely be unable to resist its sweet caramel fragrance. You’ll inhale, drool, pick up a big chunk and immediately want to wash yourself all over with it. It’s so gentle, buttery and scrumptious you’ll have a hard time keeping it to yourself. The honey water and aloe are so softening and moisturising, you can use this toffee-scented sensation on the whole family!

No need for washes, just go! Believe you have heard of dry shampoos but what about natural ones? The No Drought Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oils and volumises locks, making the hair look and smell fresh without having to wash. When you don’t have time or want to give you hair a break from too much washing, massage a little into your scalp and through your hair, then shake or brush out. It blends in completely, even on dark hair, to give texture and a soft, matte finish. Lemon, grapefruit and lime oils will give your hair a fruity fragrance, so you’ll smell fresh too!

Having walked you through the entire store complete with its best-selling and popular cult favourites, which one are you going to walk out of the store with? 😉

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were purchased by my own means and given by LUSH Singapore for my consideraton. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It contains factual information from the brand.

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