Luxury fragrances to a new level with M. Micallef Parfums: Event Review

M. Micallef Parfums
French perfume brand – M. Micallef, known to the art elites and aristocrats for its premium scents that herald the French tradition of classic crafts and luminous luxury, selects Singapore as the first country to celebrate the launch of the brand’s latest signature creation, AKOWA. I was honoured to be able to meet the founders behind the enchanting brand last week at Takashimaya!
AKOWA presents itself as an enigmatic yet sensual fragrance for men. It’s named after a secretive, age-old tribe in Africa. Through the notes of bergamot, orange flowers, fig, and vanilla patchouli, the earthy, woody scent is created for discerning men who decide their fate with determination. The artistic Micallef team of perfumers, Geoffrey and Jean Claude, drew their inspirations from a secret African plant that layers the mysterious and ever-changing node that makes AKOWA a fierce masterpiece.
Notice the matte black packaging? It’s a minimalist, black and opaque flacon designed by brand owner, Martine Micallef, to symbolise the graphism of Africa’s arid lands. Such a brilliant, masculine design that brings out the manliness of the beholder.
During the launch event, the AKOWA bottle was presented to the lovely Martine by a hot model! What surprised all of us was that Martine’s loving husband, Geoffrey Nejman. actually took off his jacket and knelt down the same way as the model, presenting to his wife the AKOWA! What an interesting couple, isn’t it?
(Photo courtesy of 37 Communications)
Of course, the night was an enjoyable one with chocolate macarons, champagne and the exploration of the different fragrances in the brand! It was a sight to behold with the gorgeously luxurious packaging of the M.Micallef fragrances as they are thoughtfully designed by talented Martine herself!
Besides the AKOWA, the Ylang in Gold caught my attention with its golden shimmery concoction. Delicately adorned with Swarovski crystals, this precious bottle of the Jewels Collection by M.Micallef is a nectar of extreme sensuality. This floral composition consists of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, coconut and vanilla. The exceptional texture of the liquid also leaves a refined and delicate veil of pearly gold on the skin.
I didn’t manage to capture the bottle in person for this but my pick from the entire range is none other than Ananda! It probably will not surprise you if you knew it’s an elixir that contains rose notes. You know I love floral fruity scents and this was one I could not take my nose off!
Ananda is signified “bliss” in Sanskrit. It’s a perfume that’s flowery and perfectly balanced. The fruity top note of plum is enriched by a floral note of heart of violet, basing on a bottom of white musk sprinkled with mimosa. The perfume’s flask is handmade with Swarovski crystals as well to exude the elegance and softness this one brings.
The retail fragrances aside, M. Micallef introduces the Crystal Collection, Art Collection and Private Labels where splendor and all things artistic seal the French brand’s “perfume is art” philosophy and its unmatched status in the world of bespoke premium perfume. If you would like, you may lock your beloved fragrances in the brand’s hand-painted crystal flacon or, with its highly prestigious Falcon Collection made from rock crystals and 24-carat gold.
For Singapore’s SG50 celebrations, Martine handpainted the signature merlion on a crystal falcon. It is current up for auction. How beautiful!
To end off this post, Jerlene and I had the chance to take a wefie with the model of the night! Love the sensuous look on his face and slight smirk, don’t you? 😉
Many thanks to M.Micallef Singapore and the wonderful team of 37 Communications for the invitation to discover these luxury fragrances, as well as for the Coffret M. Micallef Miniatures!
Off to explore the fragance miniatures now, tata!~
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Miniatures provided by M. Micallef Singapore for consideration. The blog post is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand. I am not compensated by/affiliated with the brand.

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