MAC Cosmetics x Brooke Shields Collection: Review & Swatches

MAC Cosmetics x Brooke Shields
I’ve always been a lover of eyeshadows ever since I made contact with them, especially rich hues like the violets, greens and burgundies. I love playing around with the colour spectrum, you may put it, and more often than not when it comes to picking eyeshadow palettes, the brighter and more vibrant shades usually catch my attention faster than the neutrals. However, having exposed to the various collections MAC Cosmetics launched this year, I picked up some things from the MAC x Brooke Shields collection that weren’t what I normally would. It was nice to have a change from the usual – some mature, everyday neutrals to add into my collection. I picked up a lipstick in Gospel and the Mortal Veluxe Pearlfusion Eyeshadow Palette.

Inspired by Shields’ favourite looks for day and night – easy, modern and beautiful, she says that,
“I created a huge inspiration book filled with tear sheets, smudges, little drawings, inspirations of women in the past, colours and palettes. My book was filled with two polar opposite makeup moods – one was more fresh and sheer and the other, more sultry and dramatic. That’s how we have this collection that embraces the duality – a fresh version of and the sexier and stronger version of themselves.”
So I guess the Mortal palette symbolises the fresh version of ourselves while the Trusted Instinct palette embraces the sexier and stronger version of ourselves. Well, I was seriously battling inside me whether to get Mortal or Trusted Instinct, and after trying Mortal, I’m feeling a little regret not getting the Trusted Instinct palette.



The veluxe pearlfusion texture is creamy-smooth and glides on easily with a shimmery-satin finish but when swatched, I found that it might be a little crumbly if you exert too much pressure on it. Nevertheless, the 5 soft hues are so beautiful that everytime I’m using them, I feel confident that my makeup is fresh and crisp without being overboard. It was also until I started using it that I fell in love with it.
However, one thing about this palette though is that I wished that it didn’t come in strips because the narrow widths of the eyeshadows (except the middle one) make it really hard for the brush to pick up colour and I find that I have to dip into the palette a few times to get the desired amount of product for my eyelids. Other than that, I really fancy and appreciate the gorgeous rich neutrals in this one for an everyday fuss-free look.



And not to forget the lipstick that I got in Gospel (Lustre)! Between Gospel and Excite, I chose Gospel because I wanted something that wasn’t too mainstream (Excite, a bright orange red, has got too many raves!), yet fall into the shade category that I always wear. This sheer rich burgundy red is indeed a sexy colour that would add a touch of character to your evening makeup look. Oh, and I love the lustre finish of this lipstick because I get to use it as a lip stain by sheering it out during the day! The lipstick also comes in a sturdy, heavy packaging with the orange “Brooke Shields” signature that makes the whole product feel rich and luxe.

As usual, some swatches to end this post!

Gospel – a sheer rich burgundy red

Mortal Veluxe Pearlfusion Palette (from top to bottom)
– light shimmery champagne with a frosted finish
– pale golden orange with a frosted finish
– light peachy pink, kind of like a rose-gold shade (my favourite for crease-work)
– medium golden bronze with a frosted finish (most pigmented)
– warm bronzy-grey taupe with a frosted finish

Overall, I really enjoy wearing Mortal even though all of the hues are so soft that there isn’t really a shade for me to define my look. I usually use the warm bronzy shade to define my outer V and for a soft, neutral look, I thought it looked just fine! It would be good if the last shade was darker to add definition.

If you are looking for a palette that you can reach out for every day, or if you are new to eyeshadows, I would suggest to get your hands on this because I honestly enjoyed it for casual days and when I want some colour on my lids for school!

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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  1. Hello Su Ho! Yes get yourselves MAC makeup! They are really very good quality and not very expensive! Let me know if you need recommendations! 🙂

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