Makeup on the go with THEFACESHOP: Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

Makeup on the go with THEFACESHOP
Ever had troubles trying to pick what makeup to use in the morning before you rush to school/work? Well, I am constantly facing that problem because I land myself in dilemma all the time with my huge makeup stash! Fret not, THEFACESHOP is here to save your day with its easy-to-use makeup products that you can simply apply in 5-10 minutes, be it rushing in the morning or even on a moving transport! It’s Makeup On The Go with THEFACESHOP!
Last weekend was a day of exploring makeup tips and tricks from celebrity makeup artist, Larry Yeo, as he brought us through the 5 essentials for an everyday look! It’s all about a flawless base, filling in the brows to liven up the complexion, brightening up the eyes, the lips and of course, adding a flush of colour on the cheeks!
Since BB Cushion is so in trend these days, pretty much everything comes in a cushion now. THEFACESHOP recently launched its cushion foundation – Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ – that comes in a few shades. I’m wearing V205 Dark Beige but it seems a tad too dark for me while the V203 Natural Beige seems too light. I mix the two shades to properly achieve a shade suitable for my skin tone.
So anyway, the Oil Control Water Cushion amazed me at first try! It was sitting around in my room when I first got it and I never got to trying it out until Larry was raving about it! The cushion has a slightly dewy texture but leaves a slightly matte finish to the skin which I like. For my oily skin, I realised it didn’t oil up until about late 3pm, which is a great achievement for any cushion!
Larry’s tip to using the cushion foundation is that always start from the centre and slowly blending outwards to achieve an even finish.
If you’re wondering about the coverage now, just take a look at my before-and-after photo below! Due to the sudden return of the haze here in Singapore, my skin crazily broke out within a day, so pardon for the acne-ful face! 🙁 Even so, the cushion did pretty well in terms of covering up the redness on my skin! You can notice an instant brightening and evening of skin tone.
With a a nice flawless base to set the stage, you need your brows to frame the face. Using a taupe colour for the brows is the most suitable for us asians due to the natural black hairs we already possess. The Design My Eyebrow (Lovely me:ex) in 04 Brown is in the perfect shade of taupe which makes it fuss-free to apply and add colour to your brows!
It has a slanted tip for you to fill your brows in such a way that you don’t incur outlines that can be detected from afar under sunlight. What I love about this brow pencil is the spooly at the end! The spooly is very soft and you can use it to comb through your eyebrow hairs after drawing them to disperse the pigments more evenly.
For the eyes, we’re going for a softer look, with no eyeliner or mascara. Who can accurately apply your eyeliner/mascara on a moving vehicle without taking a stab at your eye?! I don’t want to risk it. THEFACESHOP has a range of eyeshadow sticks that allows you to just apply, blend and go! To brighten up the eyes so as your peepers don’t look so dull, the Overgirl Edge Stick Eyes in PK01 Pink will come in handy.
Simply slab it on generously on the lids and blend with your ring finger and you’re good to go! No need for accuracy here so you don’t have to worry about getting the pigment everywhere.
Especially for those with pale skin, you might want to add a touch of colour to your cheeks just to liven up that complexion and look not too washed-out. A cream blush is easy for you to apply on the go because all you need to do is to dispense a little onto the fleshy areas below the thumbs, mix it and dab onto the cheeks! Featured here is the Soft Cream Blusher in 02 Coral.
Larry picked a coral blusher due to our asian yellow skin tone. Not everyone is able to wear a cool pink but a warm coral shade will complement possibly any skin tone.
I’ve tried to layer my blush using this but I guess due to the massive outbreak at the cheek area, you might not be able to see how the subtle coral looks on my skin. I actually quite like this because it’s easy to blend and doesn’t leave streaks.
e’re almost done! What’s a makeup look without nice juicy puckers? To avoid the mess you get from applying a lipstick while commuting, opt for a lip tint or tinted lip balm instead! THEFACESHOP’s Lip Tint Stick in 03 Lovely Peach gives you a nice sweet flush of orange while hydrating and conditioning your lips!
I wished the colour was more intense but I’m contented with the formula of it for it’s pretty moisturising!
Well, I would love to say I did my entire makeup in 5 minutes but who am I to kid when every step needs to be documented with a camera? Hahaha but I did try it separately and all I took was not less than 10 minutes to achieve this everyday simple makeup look, good enough to get you out of the house looking alive!
I hope you like this mini review and easy-to-achieve makeup look! What are your essentials in terms of makeup on a moving vehicle?
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: The products were sent by THEFACESHOP Singapore for my consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. I am not affiliated nor compensated by any companies.

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  1. how do you mix the two shades? I have the same problem here, V203 is too light and 205 is too dark. What a pity that I can’t use the 2 cushions I bought. >.<

    1. What I do is to tap on one and then the other then blend directly on the skin. I’m sure you can use them! It’s a pity both shades differ by so much!

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