March 2015 Bellabox: Review

Hey there bellas!
This month’s Bellabox is all about that pink! No, I’m not talking about having a box full of pink products but these quality products are going to let you stay in the pink of (beauty) health! Themed 50 Shades of Pink, the March Bellabox aims to please *winks* (This review is repleted with quotes from the raunchy 50 Shades of Grey, see if you can pick them out!). The products in the box are curated to help you look sexy, feel sexy, and be sexy.

(See the satin sheets printed on the card? Oh, such details!)
Enclosed in this little blue polka-dotted box is an explosion of products. And by explosion, I mean it really packs a punch in serving your every need! Briefly look at all these and you’ll understand why. You have products that cater to your beauty needs inside out!

(The box wasn’t physically exploding but I was pleasantly surprised at all these!)

Asience Inner Rich Shampoo & Conditioner – S14.90 for 480ml each
“I’ve never wanted more, until I met you”. Yes, I want more because I love my Asience hair care products! Powered by the Asience innovative Beauty Serum, this duo targets frizzy and dry hair with its luxurious blend of precious oils and essences, designed to reveal youthful-looking hair. Well, if you gotta be sexy, you gotta start with your hair, right? This Asian brand sure knows how to work your hair.

d’skin Hydra-Protective Calming Cleanser & Anti-Oxidant Hydra-Youth Toner – $99, 300ml and $89, 200ml respectively
We’ve fixed the hair, so time for the face now. This duo serves to refine and restore your skin by improving firmness and elasticity for younger-looking skin. The cleanser is formulated without fluoride and synthetic foaming agent to thoroughly remove dirt and sebum while the toner works to hydrate and protect! The beauty of travel sizes? You get to test to see if your skin is suitable before you commit.

The PPP Shop Post-Laser Facial Mask – $72 for box of 6
“Raising the ordinary to extraordinary” with this turbo-charged hydration mask that gives you healthy and plump skin in just 5 minutes! Oil-free and fragrance-free, this mask is ideal even for sensitive skin. It is created with Hyaluronic Acid to lock the moisture in your skin without clogging/blocking your pores. Just what you need to look sexy for the night 😉

Daylong SPF50+ Sunscreen Gel & Lotion – $32.90, 50ml and $39.90, 150ml respectively
Personally, my sensitive skin is allergic to sunscreens, don’t ask me why because I would love to know the reason too, but I’m rather glad they included sunscreens in this box! If you want to obtain that pink of beauty health, you definitely need a sunscreen to protect that pretty face of yours. This duo promises you quick absorbency, non-stickiness and comfort on the skin. With SPF 50+, both the gel (for sensitive to oily skin) and the lotion (for kids) deliver high protection from UVA, UVB and IR.

Uriage Suppleance Corps (Nourishing Cream Body Milk) – $39.90 for 200ml
Formulated with powerful emollients like Edelweiss extract, Shea butter and Uriage Thermal Water, this multi-action creamy body milk indulges your skin in intensive hydration and protection. Get smooth and supple skin with a delicate honeysuckle fragrance that is sure to sweep your date off his feet 😉

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara – $37 for 8.5g
“Hmm.. you and I, we’re giving each other many firsts.” Yes, I am giving my first try to the brand’s mascara and also my first to the Roller Lash Mascara for I want my lashes to achieve super curl power for 12 hours straight! Containing an instant curve-setting formula, the innovative Hook’n’Roll brush will grab, separate, lift and curl for wider-looking eyes! Sexy, full lashes are just what a girl needs for her date night!

Tealy Spring Green Tea – $17 for pack of 10 tea bags
Oh green tea, you’re totally my weakness when it comes to tea. “I want my world to begin and end with you.” Yes, I do! Tealy brings us yet another exceptional seasonal tea that is made only once a year. I can’t wait to enjoy the exquisite pleasure that this bright and luminescent green tea blend I know will bring me! You can never say no to green tea. Never.

Darlie All Shiny White Multi-care Toothpaste – $3.45 for 140g
“Darling, you know what they say. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” Well, if you are going to kiss your frog (I mean prince), you definitely need to have fresh breath and a pretty set of white teeth, right? 😀 I’ve been a user of Darlie since I was a kid so that makes me a loyal customer for almost 20 years now. This multi-care formulation combined with SWA whitening particles and fluoride eliminates plaque, strengthens the enamel, delivers gum care, and prevents cavities as well – you get it, all those benefits you can get to protect your oral cavity. Just enjoy those whitening benefits and most importantly, the cool fresh minty flavour!

How do you like your 50 Shades of Pink? I love it like I do 😉

If you are interested, you can purchase it at Laters, baby!~

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were sent by the team from Bellabox Singapore. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brands itself.

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