My Everyday Make Up Routine

Hello again! I haven’t had the time to update and post lately due to busy schedules of having to rush to MAAD – the Market for Artists and Designers to showcase my handmade jewelry from Threadless Cove. If you haven’t had a clue on what this is, you can check it out here.  So, as promised, here is my daily make up routine inclusive of the products I use on a daily basis.
The first step to any makeup routine is definitely to cleanse and wash your face. Over here I kind of forgot to include that but I am using the Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser which effectively removes all dirt and oil and I feel that it really cleanses pretty thoroughly.
 So right after cleansing, the first step would be to tone. Use a cotton swab to absorb a little product so that you can clean it all over your face. Here I am using the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Toner. Even though it claims to be 7-in-1, to me, I don’t really see much effect on pore shrinking and all the other claims. Since it is rather aa huge bottle, I decided to just finish using it and try out a new toner. Tell me if you have any recommendations for toner for oily/combination skin! (:

Step 2: Moisturise. I have been using this Shiseido Aqualabel White AC Emulsion and it has been the best moisturiser so far for my oily and acne-prone skin. It does its job to moisturise, leaving the skin not oily and the best thing about this is it doesn’t break me out. One downside is that I feel the texture of the liquid is pretty watery so it takes some time to get absorbed into the skin.


Next step, we have to treat the spots! Personally, I have very acne-prone skin and simple things like not getting enough sleep is enough to break me out especially on my right jawline area. I get A LOT of pimples over at that area. This Clinique Spot Treatment Gel is really the thing to treat my acne and within a few days, my acne disappears. I like to apply this after my moisturiser, let it set for a few minutes before I go on to my BB Cream.



Personally, I don’t wear foundation to school every day because I feel that it gets pretty heavy on the skin and I am still in the midst of treating my acne and letting my skin recover from that break out due to exams. Thus, BB Cream is the way to go for me every day. For girls with acne-prone skin like me, do not wear foundation thinking that you need to cover all the blemishes and spots! By using foundation on your acne, you could instead irritate and worsen the skin condition. Try using a BB Cream instead or a tinted moisturiser.
The BB Cream I am using here is the Clinique Age Defense BB Cream. It has SPF 30 and even though this is a shade lighter than my skin tone, it actually oxidises after a while to match my skin tone and it gives a medium coverage.
I personally like to dot the product onto my face and then use my Sigma F80 Kabuki brush to buff it all into the skin to give an airbrushed effect.


Of course, the next step is to conceal all your imperfections especially dark circles around the eyes and any redness around the nose and forehead. I use the Revlon Photoready Concealer in 004 Medium (This is exactly my skin tone and I repurchased this in 003 Light Medium instead for extra brightening). I always use my Sigma Precision Flat Angled brush P88 to buff in the concealer and lightly tap using my ring fingers at my under eye area.
Step 6: Set with powder. In any makeup routine, you need powder to set whatever you have piled on your face previously. The L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder does the perfect job of leaving your face matte and controlling shine.


I use a fluffy powder brush like Sigma’s Large Powder brush in F30 to lightly “press” in my powder. Try not to drag the brush across your face to avoid moving of the BB Cream and concealer (Pardon me for my untamed frizzy bedhead hair).


Afterwhich, get your favourite lip balm to moisturise your lips! The Maybelline Baby Lips in Hot Pink is my all-time favourite because it does such a good job in giving your lips that moisture and it also gives a hint of colour to your dull lips! You can apply lipstick over your lip balm if you wish but I don’t usually wear lipstick on a daily basis to school.
Step 8: Filling in your eyebrows. Lightly fill in your brows according to the direction of your hairs. Use short and small strokes to avoid having dark and stark lines. Then, use the spooly side to brush your brow hairs to soften up the look. I use the Etude House Drawing  Eyebrow pencil in 02 Gray Brown.



Step 9: Prep n Prime your lids if you are using eyeshadows! The trusty ol’ Urban Decay Primer Potion does best at delivering a long-lasting base for eyeshadows! Been using this for ages and I hope I don’t run out anytime soon!


You can skip this step if you don’t wish to apply eyeshadow but for me, I use the colour Bootycall in the Naked II Palette very often to brighten up my dull lids and also to brighten up my eyes by applying at the inner corners.


The last and final step – EYELINER! Which girl can live without her eyeliner these days? I use the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black and I always like to draw a thin line with a slight wing at the end for an everyday natural makeup look!



So this concludes my everyday makeup routine and I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to drop any comments regarding the products I use and any recommendations for my oily acne-prone skin too!
The final everyday no-makeup makeup look:


Create yourself and be gorgeous, girls! ♡

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