Nautical Floral Nails with J Nails Garden: Review

Nautical Floral Nails with J Nails Garden
Hello my lovelies, how’s life for you? I’m seriously not in the best situation in life right now, but staying positive is what I’m going to do to keep me going and that includes doing things that make me happy and sane. Pretty nails included too, and that’s what I’m going to share in this post.
Visited J Nails Garden a week back for a gel manicure session and look what I went home with! A set of beautifully customised nail art for me from nail artist Jaslyn! The acrylic florals, the semi-precious stone and holographic effects all done by her! I call it, the Nautical Floral.
J Nails Garden is a tiny nail parlour situated in a hair salon in Bugis Cube, just opposite Bugis Shopping Mall. It won’t take you long to locate the area. As you can see, it’s a comfy little cove full of nail art creations! Any form of art just makes me excited.

Do you get a feeling of anxiety when you first step into a nail parlour? For me, I always feel worried as to the quality of products used and the designs I have in mind due to several unpleasant experiences. However, when Jaslyn first interacted with me, showing me all her proud creations for me to pick from, I knew for sure I was in good hands. I mean, just take a bit of time to scrutinise every nail art below. No words could express how much her artwork resonates with me.
Trendy and on point, each and every nail art is painstakingly designed by Jaslyn. With such an expansive portfolio, you know that J Nails Garden offers you a peace of mind. My absolute favourite is this set of dreamy, feminine designs dressed in the latest pantone colours – Rose Quartz and Serenity. I also couldn’t take my eyes off that little turquoise stone entwined with gold wires and embellishments!
Aaaaand, guess what? She got them on my nails! After telling her the nautical colour scheme I wanted, she proceeded to conceptualise and design a set of unique nail art for me. Throughout the 1.5 hours, what I observed was careful execution from soaking off to applying the base coat and the actual nail art.
Even though I love my gel manicure and complex designs on my nails, I love being able to do anything and everything despite having a set of complicated and pop-up nail design. It’s been a week now and after sharing with Jaslyn my concerns, I’m delighted to find that nothing, including the 3D semi-precious turquoise stone, has come off yet! Sealing the nail art thoroughly is vital to having lasting gel nails and it says a lot about the manicurist’s skills. So tadaaaaaah! My beeeeeeautiful nails!
I have acrylic flowers and gold embellishments on my index finger and pinky, a half-moon holographic on my middle finger and the highlight – the turquoise stone twined with a clear quartz and some gold embellishments on my ring finger. Isn’t that beautiful? Measuring about 8-10mm, the stone does make me more careful in trying to dig through my bag and when washing my hair, I actually pay more attention to not get my tresses entangled in that protrusion. Anyhow, it’s still an amazing job done with the embellishments securely sealed.
I can’t say how much I love my nails now and it’s only been a week but I’ve gotten tons of compliments already, especially the ring finger design! Lots of compliments and love for this set! I honestly can’t wait for my next trip back already!
J Nails Garden is located in The Cube Salon at Bugis Cube #04-10 and you can find their works on their social media channels:
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Manicure session was sponsored by J Nails Garden for review consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself. I am NOT compensated nor affiliated to the brand.

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