October 2014 Beauty Favourites: Review

October 2014 Beauty Favourites
Hello November, you have secretly, silently, made your way into my life without a sound. I have been crazy busy the whole of October that I didn’t realise that it has been quietly creeping away. Due to my never-ending deadlines, I have been keeping my makeup fairly simple for the entire month, kinda also experimenting with new things which quickly grew to become my staple!
I shall keep this post short and sweet because I am down with a cold now and I’m feeling really blue.. So, let’s look into my October favourites shall we? šŸ˜‰
Just 8 of theseĀ essentials you need in your everyday life if you are not a makeup junkie! I think these 8 products will pretty much get you covered for your everyday makeup if you are looking for a simple, neutral look!
I have been loving a NEW makeup primer/base that is from Etude House, and courtesy of Etude House as well for a $50 gift voucher. Technically, I did choose it, the Magic Any Cushion in Mint, for blemish skin. Like any Korean makeup, this is a very fuss-free product to have because you just need to use the puff and tap on the cushion filled with the product and pat away onto your face! It’s that easy! I was sceptical about it at first and didn’t dare to use it because I have serious, stubborn blemishes on my sensitive skin that gets aggravated from literally everything, including putting nothing on my skin. When I finally did try out, I was impressed! It is a very hydrating primer that gives a cooling sensation when patted on. Also because it is green-tinted, it serves to cancel out the redness from the blemishes on your skin. One issue I have with this is that your skin gets ultra glowy and dewy after applying this, but nothing cannot be solved with a touch of face powder!
As with any of my other favourites, I realised that the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics has always stayed in my makeup routine stash! Without a doubt, this is the bronzer that I reach out to almost everyday. I usually reach out for others when I feel I have overused this, hahahaha. Overall, this bronzer stays on pretty long and it doesn’t give me the orange colour on the cheeksĀ when oxidised so I would say get it if you are looking for a starter bronzer! You’ll never go wrong with this.
Moving on to the cheeks, I have the Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Blusher in Coral Shine Rose! I have always been a coral blusher kind of girl so you’ll pretty much see most of my blushers in different shades of corals (does this even make any sense? HAHA.). This, I would say, is a dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush, except that it has shimmers that don’t transfer onto the skin which I highly appreciate. I can’t take shimmery blushers for nuts because they accentuate my already open pores and make me look like a clown, haha. I pretty much love this Etude House one for it is really blendable and buildable.
Next up, the 3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow in Body to Body. This isn’t the best in terms of pigmentation. They swatch fairly nicely but doesn’t transfer onto the lids as well as I thought it would be. I still like it though because it allows me to peck on colour for an everyday school makeup look. As you can see from the dents, I have pretty much been loving it!

I am always searching for a good under-eye concealer that doesn’t cake up (Yes I am always in search of good makeup products that will make it into my trusty stash!). I am currently using the Revlon Photoready Concealer for pretty much concealing everything (under-eyes, spots, sides of the nose etc.) but I found it to be too dry for my under-eyes recently. Having a $20 voucher from purchasing from Inglot Singapore’s opening, I decided to try a raved product, the Inglot Under-Eye Concealer in 93. It is my skin tone and Margaret from Inglot told me not to get one shade lighter, in which I normally would, so that I properly conceal my under-eyes in a more natural way. I heeded her advice and I am in love with this concealer now! It is not as viscous as the usual liquid concealers, thus is very hydrating for the under-eyes.

Oh, and see that ring over there? It’s an Amethyst Vine Ring from Azen SG that they proudly sponsored! It’s not that it was sponsored hence I’m talking about it. What I like about this ring is that it is in a beautiful shade of rose gold with my favourite purple gemstone! Handcrafted in Bangkok by Rock Me Jewelry, this ring does not tarnish as well and goes well with almost any outfit (okay, a small confession, I usually pair my outfits according to the accessories I wear :P). Definitely check AzenSG out if you are looking for classy and elegant jewelry, they have plenty to suit your jewelry craves.
With neutral makeup, usually, I like to amp up my lip colour. For an everyday school makeup, I have just beenĀ using the 3 Concept Eyes Jumbo Lip Crayon in Gimme More. It’s a warm pink and I like to create that gradient lip look with just hydrating my lips with lip balm before dabbing on this lip crayon for colour. I’ll normally focus more pigmentĀ on the inner lips to make it seem like I sucked on a cherry lollipop šŸ˜‰Ā LoveĀ that it isn’t drying as well!
To sum up this post,Ā I have included 2 makeup brushes that I pretty much use every day for the whole of October andĀ one of it is from none other than… MY FAVOURITE MAKEUP BRUSHES BRAND – 13RUSHES! *squeals in excitement* It’s the Tapered Highlight Brush that I use for highlighting my face! Generally, I really like how fluffy it is and how easy I can use this for highlight! I think I can use it for contour as well. I have reviewed it here if you would like to see.
Also, for concealing, the 142 Concealer Buffer from the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brushes set had been doing such a great job! Can you see how concentrated the bristles are with the concealers I have been using? It’s definitely time to wash this brush. In any case, I really like the shape of it for concealing under-eyes and spot concealing, except the fact it gets streaky after some time of use because of the heavy concentration of concealers. I guess it signals to me that it’s time for me to wash this babyyyy!


How did you like my October 2014 favourites? Hope that you have enjoyed and don’t forget to leave a comment down below if you resonate with any products here, I would love to hear from you and I do reply too!
P.S. I don’t bite šŸ˜‰
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ā™”
XOXO, Roanna.

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