October 2014 Bellabox: Review

Well well well, it’s October already! And what? Bellabox is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary! Woohoo, Happy Birthday Bellabox! 🙂 To celebrate their 3rd birthday, the B-Day Blowout Bellabox, featuring 8 influencers, will be delivered to your doorstep this month!

The theme of the box is supposedly like a “Birthday” box but I can’t to really relate the contents to the theme! There are mostly skincare products in the box this time round and I don’t really fancy skincare products due to the fact that I have sensitive skin, but well, let’s hop right into the contents!

Here are the 8 influencers! For more information of all of them, you can visit here. Oh, the boxes even came wrapped with a cute little heart sticker that asks you to “Unwrap the Celebration”! Such details and thought!

Skinbiotics Even+Whiter – $89 for 21 capsules/box
An oral skin lightening formula that works to lighten the skin tone, clear blemishes and enhance anti-oxidant defense for celebrity worthy skin. Honestly speaking, I am on the fence on this one. It was generous of them to provide 7 capsules (worth $29.67) but it’s kind of like “medication” and to me, I am someone who only takes pills prescribed by a doctor, just in case any allergy reactions occur. Still unsure what I should do with this…

SpectraBAN Sensitive 30 Sunscreen – $19.95 for 60g
A skin-loving broad UV protection sunscreen with anti-UVA/UVB and SPF30 PA++ properties to keep your loving skin sheltered from harmful UV stresses! I am kind of excited to try this one yet apprehensive due to my sensitive skin. My skin is rather reactive to sunscreen hence I am very careful of what I put on my skin, especially skincare products. But hey, if this works for you, why not? 😉

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push Up Liner – S38 for 1.4g
This is DEFINITELY NOT the first gel liner in a pen. Honestly whenever they state this, I feel like saying it is NOT. The first ever groundbreaking gel liner in a pen is by Maybelline. It’s the Lasting Drama Gel Liner Pen. You can get it on Luxola here, and I rave about this gel liner a lot because it’s my favourite gel liner in a pen! I haven’t tried the Benefit one but I will get down to trying this to see if it’s better than my Maybelline holy grail.

Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray – $40 for 10ml
This dual-action power primer works 360 degrees around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don’t crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant & true. It comes in 2 neutral shades to suit all skintones (light/medium & medium/deep) which I feel is good for the different skin tones! I have been loving my SDS deluxe and am so happy to receive another deluxe because I love using this! My eyeshadows really don’t crease and I feel it’s as good as the Urban Decay Primer Potion or if not better!

Physiogel Trial Kit Range – Cream for $23.90, Lotion for $60.90, Cleanser for $34.90
Physiogel acts to relieve, repair and nourish the skin for a healthier and more refreshed complexion. The packaging for this one is huge but there are only 1 sachet of each sample inside, which makes me wonder why did this take up all the space in the box. I have seen this brand before but definitely not something that calls out to me. Moreover, 1 sample for each doesn’t allow your skin to try the product out.

(P.S. Necklace not included, hahahaha!)

Crème Simon – Crème Universelle and Brightening-Detox Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub, both $68 (Bonus item: Brightening-Detox Eye Treatment)
Formulated with Crème Simon’s iconic remedy for body, hands and feet, the Crème Universelle is a multi-benefit healing treatment for healthy, brilliant skin while the scrub is works to exfoliate the skin, restoring luminosity and radiance. Well, I have heard quite a lot about this brand ever since beauty Instagrammers posted about this. Quite excited to try this brand out, especially the eye treatment!

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturising Cream – $19.90 for 50ml
A moisturising cream that hydrates, smoothens, lightens and refines for beautiful, rosy and radiant skin. I like how the samples came in – they are huge and are in this “Ribena packet” that you see in the market in which you can un-cap and re-cap after use! Ingenious idea because it also shows that the amount of product inside is not a one-time dosage! Thumbs up to Garnier! Will definitely try this out!

This month’s box was overflowing when I received it – contents inside were bursting such that it couldn’t be covered tightly. However, I am rather disappointed at the contents inside, especially the Skinbiotics and Physiogel samples. There usually are a good mix of skincare and makeup inside but this month’s box seem to be filled with skincare samples. This is my personal preference here. If you are a skincare junkie, then I’m pretty sure you will love this box because you get to experiment with different brands!

Let me know what you think about this box in the comments below! If you would like to check out the B-Day Blowout Bellabox, head over to http://bellabox.sg/ now!

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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