October 2014 PSLove Box: Review

It’s the time of the month and PSLove is here to save the week again! This time round, it’s yellow! Not a fan of yellow but I was really excited to peek into it to see what’s brewing inside. Personally, I love that it’s a care package sent to you days before your period so you don’t have to do anything to prep for it. Especially for ladies staying in hostels, I feel that this is a very convenient and practical subscription! I realised that for last month and this month, I didn’t need to search for my period supplies. Instead, I know that there’s PSLove and I conveniently reach for this box when I need!
Alright, you have seen the contents already but let’s go into detail for each of them shall we?

As usual, dear Peckying has it all thought out! To make this subscription even sweeter, she always adds in a note of encouragement, personalised with your name! I also really like that each and every product inside is carefully curated to suit your preferences and needs! I find myself always looking forward to the chocolates inside. What a glutton, I know 😛
The tea that I received this month is St John’s Wort Blues Away. It’s made of St. John’s Wort Leaf and Flower traditionally used to help ease common tensions and nervous unrest by helping to settle emotional imbalances caused by everyday stress. To promote a sense of calm, organic lavender is added as well! Perfect for pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)! 😛
And of course, the bulk that I look forward to everytime! CHOCOLATES!! I always indulge in chcocolates during my period because it’s an awesome mood-boosting food due to the endorphin chemical present that’ll induce happiness!
My chocolate menu for October’s PSLove Box:
  • Galaxy Chocolate – Creamy and smooth chocolate with hazelnut crunch/caramel
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – Chocolates with thick nutty insides, also comes coated with dark chocolate
  • Fox’s Triple – Oaty biscuits sandwiched with a milk chocolate filling. Only 88 calories, perfect for a less sinful afternoon snack!
Well, what’s a PSLove Box without the core supplies – the sanitary pads? As usual Peckying knows what I usually use (based on a questionnaire you fill up) and my supplies are always just the right amount for the cycle! Super convenient!
Overall, I really like this month’s PSLove package because of all the lovely chocolate treats! Absolutely love the Fox’s Triple biscuits because it’s a little like caramelized biscuits with chocolate in between, YUMMY!
Oh, but one thing I don’t exactly like about the box is that it’s too huge! I find that the contents can be contained in a smaller box and perhaps of a prettier packaging (pink maybe?) to make it extra sweet every month! Nonetheless, thank you Peckying from PSLove for this lovely care package!
If you are interested, head over to http://www.pslove.co/ to find out more about how you can obtain your period supplies every month! Customise it to your own needs by indicating your preferences! 🙂
Hope you enjoyed this review! Make your period a happy one with PSLove today! 😉
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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