Urban Decay: Naked 3 Palette Review and Swatches

Urban Decay: Naked 3 Palette

Hello my beauty lovelies! It has been almost 6 months since I’ve updated this blog of mine! Sorry for the lack of updates. Since my internship in L’Oreal Singapore, I haven’t had enough time to rest, let alone blog! Finally found time to write in this space so today I am going to review my newest addition to my Urban Decay family *drumrolls* – the highly raved Naked 3 Palette! Thanks to my lovely dear for getting it for me for Valentine’s Day!

Without further ado, here goes! Mega loooooove for the rose gold packaging cause I absolutely adore rose gold! Such a romantic colour (: As with Naked 2, Naked 3 comes in a sturdy metal tin which closes with a “click” (totally adore the packaging). The only thing that I don’t really fancy would be the crinkly texture on the tin which I don’t understand why.

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Urban Decay: Dangerous Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay: Dangerous Palette
The long awaited last review on the Urban Decay Fun, Feminine and Dangerous Palettes for their 2012 Holiday collection! It’s kind of a complete one year lag on reviewing these babies but nevertheless I’m still going to complete the collection of reviews today.
Today’s review is about the Dangerous Palette, increasingly becoming my all-time favourite eyeshadow palette when I feel like doing dark smokey looks. The palette comes in a black patent material casing with a sword in the middle (dangerous indeed). I ‘ve always found it fascinating that the Fun, Feminine and Dangerous palettes double up as a mini wallet/clutch (except that you can’t really place your phones or bank cards inside due to the magnetic strip inside) when you remove the palette inside.
All palettes come with a mini lip junkie and there is a mini mirror on one side as well. The palette itself can be taken out for the casing to be used as a wallet/clutch. A little disappointment from this palette I got was that when I opened it, I realised that there was a little defect for Mushroom – the name printed on it was faded. I guess I’m probably the only unlucky one out of 10000 palettes they produce to get the little misprint, but oh well, the palette is still really pretty with the smokey, rosey? background.

When opened, there are 6 eyeshadows in there and a travel-sized lip junkie. What I really love about this palette is the deep green shade Loaded and the taupish grey Mushroom which allows you to do really dark smokey eye looks.

Each eyeshadow is 0.03 oz (compared to an Urban Decay full-sized shadow at 0.05 oz) while the mini lip junkie is 0.11 oz (compared to the full-sized Lip Junkie at 0.34 oz).

Here are the colours:
Gravity – Purple with silver and pink fine micro-glitters
Loaded – Deep blackened forest green
Evidence – Deep bright metallic navy blue
Deeper – Metallic brown
Mushroom – Satin silvery taupe
Ace – Metallic grey

Wallflower (Feminine Palette) / Midnight Cowboy (Fun Palette) / Naked (Dangerous Palette)

And the lip junkie Naked is just a nudish pink gloss colour that just blends in to my lip colour, kind of like a my-lips-but-better (MLBB) shade. The only thing I do like about the formula is that it leaves a minty cooling sensation when applied, keeping me refreshed.

The Dangerous Palette can be purchased at all Sephora SG stores and it retails for S$62 or alternatively, you can get it at Urban Decay’s website here. Bear in mind that Urban Decay does not directly ship to Singapore.

Here’s a look using entirely the Dangerous Palette and the corresponding OOTD:

Main Lid Colour: Mushroom
Outer V: Deeper
Lower Lid Colour: Ace and Loaded

Hope you’ve enjoyed the review and let me know in the comments section what do you think of the Dangerous Palette! The Feminine Palette review can be found here and the Fun Palette here.

Create yourself and be gorgeous, girls! ♡

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Just Me and My Thoughts

Hello November
And so it’s pretty much nearing the end of year 2013 already. Just 2 more months to close this year. I guess for me, this year had been a rollercoaster ride – falling out of love, losing a best friend and well, finding a new love again, not to mention that there are great opportunities for me in terms of my future career even though I will be graduating a year later than I’m supposed to. It was a hell of a ride I must say, losing important people in my life. I guess you may say that in life, it’s all about choices, it’s all about choosing your paths wisely, but to be honest, when situations come, you just don’t know what’s the best way to react and well, you do stupid things that make you regret.
I never was someone who could express all my thoughts freely to people and that caused me to not have many friends in my life that I could talk to. I never found the need to have a social circle to keep, perhaps because of my partner I used to have to tell everything to, I didn’t and never found the need to confide in any of my friends. And that’s when I thought it was okay, it wasn’t. Having a social circle of friends is indeed very essential not just because you are lonely you need company, but even with a partner, social life plays such an important role in your life. Because when you depend your everything (emotions, loneliness etc.) on your partner, you will start to engage in fights and quarrels when he/she isn’t around. So because I never knew the importance, I made mistakes of focusing on myself and my relationship, neglecting my friends, especially the 2 most important friends I have.
I didn’t know how to properly maintain a friendship with my best friends when I was in my lowest period and all I did was make stupid and rash decisions that caused pain and hurt to myself and especially them (I’m sorry if I hurt you, my besties. It never was my intention and I would’ve listened if I could redo this). Looking back, I could’ve done this a million times better, I could’ve picked myself up and listened to proper advice given to me and none of these would’ve happened. But well, I guess it’s just too late to push the blame, apologise and all those things and probably moving forward is the best way to go now. I learnt to pick up and change to be a better person. I started to focus on my career path instead. Well, you could say that I was looking for distractions but immersing myself in a world of never-ending projects and case challenges did help me beef up my resume to prepare myself for the real marketing world and of course, moulded me to be more patient and toned-down. It wasn’t all for my resume, for some may say. Going through case challenges forced me to think critically and always consider the big picture and I must say that I have been applying these learning points to my latest projects and assignments.
Well, having said all these, I just want to highlight that even though people make mistakes (clearly I made a lot), the vital thing is to really learn from it and listen. Stop yourself right there when you aren’t in the best state of your mind to make decisions, and listen. You’ll find yourself benefitting more than you ever could have just by observing and listening. I learnt it the hard way, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to go through this, so don’t forget to stop, reflect and listen amidst chasing the stars and all the things you want to achieve/do.
The world is in your hands. You decide your own fate.

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Urban Decay Glinda Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Glinda Palette Review

Hola! Oh gosh, the haze recently had and have been really really bad. The PSI today shot up to 155! Please stay hydrated and wear a mask if you’re going outdoors in this crazy hot and hazy weather!

Anyway, here’s the belated Urban Decay Glinda Palette review and swatches! I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous magical-looking palette with the pastels and shimmers. Without further ado, let’s hop into the fascinating land of the Glinda Palette!

The Urban Decay Glinda Palette comes in a hard metal tin which is very sturdy. When you close the palette, you can hear the ‘click’ sound which indicates that it is secure and will not spill all over when you pop this baby into your bag. Overall I love the aurora colours on the casing itself.

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ACL Post Surgery Updates

ACL Post Surgery Updates

Phew, the battle is over. I have survived the ~2 hours surgery for my left knee. I had attained a slight tear on my Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which is commonly known as ACL, as well as my meniscus on my left knee when I was in a Netball competition in my college days. So, what happens is on and off, I get my left leg bending in sometimes and then bending out again because the ligament is torn and it can no longer hold the entire knee structure in place. At first my condition improved with about 6 months of physiotherapy and I could walk, run, jump and even wear heels again.

But just one fine day, while I wearing my little red wedges (~2 inches only) that I bought from Hong Kong for about S$8 I think, the shoe strap suddenly broke and wala, I tore my ACL completely. Went to the doc’s and 2 doctors said that I have to go for surgery so I picked up my courage and went for it.

So this is a photo of me pre-surgery:

(I look like I’m in a going to bathe with the shower cap and bathrobe)
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