#PlumpfromWithin with Kiehl’s Hydro-plumping Re-texturizing Serum Concentrate: Review

Kiehl's Hydro-plumping Re-texturizing Serum Concentrate
Are you still looking for that one product to thoroughly hydrate your skin? For me, I am still looking for one, but I can now say I don’t have to look further! The Kiehl’s Hydro-plumping Re-texturizing Serum Concentrate is here to save my dry-combination skin!
Inspired by new Dermatology hydration procedures, this innovative product is made to address age-related dehydration as it anchors moisture deep within the surface layer of the skin!
So, what is age-related dehydration? It’s usually caused by the imbalance of moisture within the skin as we age and this causes us to appear older than we really are. Well, if you do have this problem like me, you should start getting a sample to try this product out.
The serum concentrate is formulated with a potent complex of plant-based glycerin which is a natural “moisture magnet”. Yes, it draws moisture! With Shiso Leaf extract incorporated, it further helps the skin to anchor the moisture deep within the skin’s layers, preventing further moisture loss.
The unique features of this serum concentrate is that it is totally plant-based, deriving ingredients from sources such as rapeseed, palm fruit and coconut etc. It is also hygroscopic, which means it draws moisture from our environment to the skin. Since the product is generally plant-based, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t cause much of an issue to the skin (but please still try out the sample for compatibility test).
The glycerin incorporated also assists in creating an effect we call the “reservoir effect” which is basically the capacity to enhance the water-retention effect. After applying, you’ll feel that your skin is much plumper with greater skin elasticity!
Can you see the matte-like texture of the product? Such irony isn’t it? I would really expect a hydration product to be all glossy and watery but it’s odd how the matte-like texture can hydrate the skin yet gets absorbed really fast! It’s almost immediate that all of the product gets absorbed into the skin when applied, leaving a velvety feel that is soft to the touch!
To elevate the product’s credibility, it actually awarded the prestigious Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence de la Beaute award!
Overall, I like how the product comes in a white bottle that’s straight to the point. The fact that it comes with a pump top is great as well for hygiene purposes. Because of the matte-like texture, you won’t feel that you are piling the skin up with too much! You almost feel nothing at all!
However, the one thing that puts me off is that it doesn’t come with a strong breezy scent like I would expect it to. It smells a little like rubber but is almost odourless, so no issues there.
The Kiehl’s Hydro-plumping Re-texturizing Serum Concentrate retails for S$80 at all Kiehl’s Stores.
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent by the team from Kiehl’s Singapore for my consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.

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