PSLove – Your Solution to a HAPPY :) Period: Review

Well, us being girls. when it comes to THE time of the month again, we all have that one reaction, “Again… :/”right? I mean I feel that way almost all the time even though I don’t get cramps or anything. It’s just troublesome to me. Period.

Anyway, to brighten up my gloomy days, the lovely team from PSLove sent me a warm and lovely care package to satisfy all my period needs this month! Let’s take a peek into the box right now!

What is PSLove?

PSLove delivers your period supplies remedies every month. It helps you stock up so that you never have to remember again. It’s time to automate this part of your life, girls! All you have to do is to stay comforted & feel secure with PSLove because they ship your supplies to you instead of you having to get them yourself! Isn’t it convenient?

Hehe I just love this months package! You basically fill in a questionnaire to determine your preferences so that the box is really customised and tailored to your own needs – from the brand of pads to the type of snacks you love! For me, it’s all about chocolates and tea because these are my comfort food whenever it’s the time of the month!

(They even have a customised card, such details!)

So my recipe for a happy period this September?


Even though I really hate Liquorice, I still want to try the tea because it’s TEA! Sometimes the flavour doesn’t get too strong when it’s infused into tea so yup! Oh and I wasn’t particularly wow-ed by the selection of chocolates in the box but the Magnum Bars particularly caught my attention because I’m a regular consumer of Magnum Minis at home (my mum loves to restock them, thank goodness). I am really excited to try that one too!

So far, I am liking the package but I feel it’s a bit pricey at a price of S$14.40 for my customised box. Yes, this is sponsored, but in all honesty, I feel that prices of PSLove boxes should be fixed for the different types in order to entice more people, like how any other subscription boxes do (e.g. Bellabox is priced at S$19.95 per month).

To end off, I want to add that I like that each product comes with a small card to describe the reason why they curated certain items in the box! For instance, the Hampstead Fennel Liquorice Tea was included because “Fennel is an excellent digestive and breath freshener, valued for its comforting and balancing effects. Their unique infusion blends fennel seeds, liquorice root and peppermint leaves to help regulate the digestive system. Naturally caffeine free and organic with Fairtrade practices.”. Hmm.. come to think of it, how does the uterus relate to the digestive system again..? Okay, you get my point on them being really sweet to explain 🙂

If you are interested, check out the packages at and make your periods happy and carefree! Huge thank you to Peckying from the PSLove team for coming all the way down to my classroom to deliver this happy package! Lots of love! ♥♥♥

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡

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