Radiance from within with Laneige’s Collagen Drink: Review

Radiance from within with Laneige’s Collagen Drink: Review
LANEIGE literally means “snow” in French and the ever-popular K-Beauty brand is all about making women’s skin healthy and hydrated with its “Waterful” concept.
Come this March, LANEIGE is launching a brand new beauty product in line with its philosophy of “sparkling beauty from within”. Joining the bandwagon of collagen products, LANEIGE has come up with their version of a Collagen Drink to enhance your natural beauty by bringing you glowy, radiant skin!
Unlike other collagen products which may derive their collagen from animals such as pigs or cows, LANEIGE has specially selected its collagen source from tilapia fish due to its relatively low molecular weight that can better allow the collagen to be absorbed by the body. Each bottle contains 5000mg of collagen tripeptide, the maximum amount the body can absorb in a day.
The Collagen Drink has also been awarded an approval from the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), so you can definitely be assured of its safety.
Some other skin-loving ingredients include Sicilian blood orange and pomegranate extracts which are rich in Vitamin C, a key nutrient in enhancing cell viability and promoting collagen synthesis, and powerful in terms of their antioxidative effects! With these delectable citrusy fruits, you will be able to absorb the goodness while enjoying the tasty, zesty flavour!
Having said, I was given the opportunity to incorporate the Collagen Drink into my daily skincare/healthcare routine for 2 months now and I am delighted to share with you the benefits of this new product! You may be skeptical of collagen products like I do because after all, the amount of collagen that the body can effectively absorb is well, questionable.
Surprisingly after 1.5 months of diligent consumption, I do see actual improvements to my skin, namely improved radiance and skin elasticity as my skin felt firmer and brighter! Keeping my skincare routine constant so as not to affect the results, I felt that my skin visibly became more glowy (not oily) which made me look healthier. I say my skin became more radiant because I can really notice that it doesn’t look as dull and tired as before, especially with no makeup on!
For me, I consume this bottle of beauty elixir every night before bed just as it is because it doesn’t have that fishy taste like a lot of other similar products in the market. You can actually consume it together with your fruit juices as well, just pour a bottle into your fresh cup of juice and drink away! Oh, and did I mention that the Collagen Drink does not contain added preservatives, sugar and artificial colouring? It’s really just a bottle of concentrated supplement for the skin with only 25 calories!
Overall, I did visibly see enhancements to the complexion of my skin because my colleagues have been asking me why does my skin look so glowy/radiant despite missing my usual facial because of other commitments! Even my mum could tell that something is making my skin appear healthier! It’s like attaining that “pink of health” that we always say! Having said that, it is recommended to consume the Collagen Drink for 2 months to actually see results.
Each box of LANEIGE Collagen Drink contains 10 bottles and retails for $52 if I’m not wrong. My only concern is the weight of each box because if you are going to get a month’s supply, you are going to be carrying a few kilograms worth of glass bottles. Just a little exercise needed but beauty comes with a price, right? 😉
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent by LANEIGE Singapore. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It does contain information from the brand itself.

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