Revival of her-dreamcatcher X #OOTD

Hello lovelies (if there is anyone still here to read my abandoned blog)!

It has really been long since I could write reviews of the piling makeup in my storage area, especially when workload’s been increasing. I miss photographing the pretty (and endless) makeup yet at the same time, whenever I have free time, I’d spend time hanging out with my darling love ones instead or resting. Feels good to be writing again, expressing my thoughts in this humble diary of mine, storing snippets of my life for me to look back upon, and of course, to also share beauty tips and tricks/reviews to those who are into makeup like me! Promise the next review will be up soon!

The reason why I had been so inactive for months was because of the great opportunities in the internship I am having now. I had the chance to plan for a PR event on my own which invited famous local bloggers, media and the trade people behind the renowned shopping malls you see on the streets of Orchard road. Even though I had no prior experience in planning for such an event (does Hall Dinner and Dance count?) that involves influential people, I was excited and felt accomplished to have made the event a success with the help of my friendly shu team! 🙂 Without the support of my bosses, I wouldn’t have been able to execute it fully, so thank you shu team!

2 more months to end my internship and I can’t wait to take a break from the hectic work lifestyle. It’s definitely an industry that I want to continue working in (not just because of all the freebies :P) because of my passion for all-things-beauty, however, I feel that it’s almost impossible to strike a work-life balance judging from how hard my colleagues are working. Oh well, gotta go back to school for another semester before I decide on my career path..

Anyway, here’s an #ootd (outfit of the day) to end this post, enjoy!

Decked in my magenta midi skirt and holographic shoes from I looooooove the midi skirt for its thick material and $25 is really worth it for the quality! However, if you are interested in the shoes, I suggest you think twice because I wouldn’t pay $39 for a pair of shoes that I predict wouldn’t last for 2-3 months if I were to wear it all day long. Nevertheless, I still love this outfit 🙂
Here’s a close up!

Create yourself and be gorgeous, girls! ♡

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