Saturday Brunch @ d’Good Cafe

Saturday brunch d'Good Cafe

Holla! It’s a good Saturday, well spent with my beloved Mummy and Sis. Even though I should be studying for my final papers next Tuesday and Wednesday, I still decided to head out for a good brunch (a very late one) and I am so satisfied, ready to finish off the last lap of exams!

So Mummy, Sis and I were randomly walking around Holland Village trying to look for a good place for brunch and we incidentally discovered d’Good Cafe. Thinking that it might be promising, we decided to go ahead with this cafe and we were pleasantly surprised by the decor of the cafe!

d’Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue
Tel: 62199807
Inside, there are 3 levels altogether, with indoor and outdoor seats and what I really like about this cafe is its really cute and cosy decorations! It gives me the kind of feeling that I am in an overseas cafe! So this is what the coffee bar looks like:

And I love how intricate each and every of their decor item is. Just look at the vintage bicyle with bright sunny yellow flowers! Don’t they just brighten up your day? ^^ Oh, and notice the little cute pug at the left hand side peeing :B
Somehow, I noticed that there were many students studying in the cafe. It was pretty surprising because the prices of the food and beverages aren’t as affordable as what students would normally pay. I guess they are all rich students to be studying here while I mug away at NTU’s Global Lounge every day.. More of how the interior looks like:


I really love the little birds wall stickers!
Just look at this magnificent bird cage with roses! How I wish I have this in my room.
Another cute puppy trying to dig into the coffee sack.



We wanted to try to sit outside to have our brunch because the outdoor area is simply so beautiful with the azure blue sky, but sadly, the weather was too hot that we had to retreat into the air-conditioned area.


An interesting art piece made of tree brunches, candles and birds.


And yes, we managed to make our way to the pretty white swing that you see in lots of cafes in shows and dramas!


Another intricate decor – lamp with a heart ornament made of tree branches!


Now on to the FOOD! This Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake has got to be the best cheesecake EVER! I was literally going, “MMMMMMM” when the extremely rich and creamy cheesecake melted in my mouth! This cheesecake is very much savory because of the sea salt and it really is the BEST EVER! However, it is slightly on the pricey side, costs S$8.50 per slice.


And the next 2 dishes I shared with my sis and mum were the All Day Breakfast (Mmm, I love the portobello mushrooms) and the Seafood Linguine (just a tomato-ey pasta, yumz!). The All Day Breakfast is much similar to Food For Thought’s breakfast set as it pretty much consists of the same few things, bacon, tomatos, mushrooms etc.. This is really good but I personally prefer the one at FFT.



Camwhore time!
Wih my mummy holding the tomato!



This is really funny because mummy can’t seem to locate the position of my iPhone camera and my sis was like trying to point to it saying, “Look here! Here!”


Finally a proper photo for the three of us!



More camwhore shots featuring the stick out tongue photo of us three!


Of course, a selfie to end this post! Happy Roanna is happy! (: (By the way the twist fingers are my mummy’s! They really look like mine hahaha!)



Create yourself and be gorgeous, girls! ♡

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