#SelfieisCasio! A glimpse of Malacca with Casio Exilim ZR3500: Review

Casio Exilim ZR3500
In the age of social media ubiquity, many companies are introducing technology gadgets to feed the selfie addiction. I am not quite a “selfie” person except when I take photos for makeup tutorials but boy, was I impressed by Casio’s latest selfie camera, Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500!
Thanks to Casio Singapore for the opportunity, I managed to experience the camera’s functions through combing the streets of Malacca with other fellow bloggers! It was a whopping great time with food, laughter and SHOPPING! (WARNING: PHOTO HEAVY POST!)
For the purpose of letting you visually experience the camera, all photos here have been taken with the Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500 and are non-edited in terms of colour/sharpness etc., unless otherwise stated! The camera comes in 4 colours, Beige (more like champagne gold), Yellow, Pink and White, obviously targeting the girls 😉 For inherent reasons, I chose the pink one for the trip, but swapped with a fellow blogger to the yellow one after that!

(Photo credits to Hardware Zone)
When we were on the way to a stop-over for some yummy breakfast, all of us were busy taking selfies! With the advanced Make-up Plus mode, coupled with a tilt-type LCD and a front shutter button, you can capture your beauty in any way you like! Can you see how smooth my skin is?
I love how you don’t need real makeup at all to achieve this flawless, smooth skin. This photo almost doesn’t look like a selfie at all because of the convenient front shutter button!
What I love best about this camera is that you can transfer your photos almost instantaneously to your smart phone. You just need to download an app called EXILIM CONNECT, and you can start pairing your camera to your mobile device! Toggle the Auto-Transfer function to receive all photos you’ve taken to your phone, or simply turn it off if you wish to send photos one by one instead. It’s super easy and convenient! Imagine sending the wefies (group shots) to your friends instantly through your phone! I bet they’ll all be super impressed.
So anyway, back to the Malacca trip! It was 2-days-1-night of excessive feeding because we ate so much good food, courtesy of Casio Singapore! Our breakfast was a plate of delicious Kolo Mee at a stopover. Plated simply, this surprisingly looks delectable with the camera’s colours and auto-focus feature.
My buddy for the trip – the gorgeous Shanice Koh! And we can’t say no to more selfies!
Lunch was shortly served at a Nonya restaurant after a 1-2 hours journey. See what I mean by “excessive feeding”? Hahaha. The food was awesome though, especially the Otah and Chendol!!

The camera also has a whole lot of modes that give ordinary scenes an individualised look. The one on the right was taken with the ART function > Food mode. Notice how it makes the colours more vibrant, making the meal appear more mouth-watering!

The chendol that cannot be missed because the gula melaka is so so good.

With all those munching, it was time for some exercise to burn off those fats ingested hahaha! Our main highlight of the trip (other than the food) is Malacca’s Jonker Walk – the centre street of Chinatown – renowned for its clothing/craft/food outlets.

Don’t you just love the Peranakan-styled shop houses? Every unit has its own unique and intricate designs that displays the heritage of the place itself.

This is actually a pot of ice cream that looks just like a potted plant. The people of Malacca sure knows how to be creative with their food!


Chanced upon a Mamee Museum with the Mamee Monster merchandise and even a cafe with food made from Mamee noodles, the childhood snack I always have at home!

Apparently showing the Mamee-making process…

Mamee monsters, how adorable! Plus, I am really in love with the Make-up Plus Mode.

AVENGERS! KAWAIIIIIIIIII!~ We ladies were too busy shopping we didn’t notice there was a trick-eye museum inside somewhere… *regrets* hahaha.
When we were done combing the shops along Jonker Street, it was time to head to Christ Church Melaka, the famous city attraction. Along the way, we saw a river and experimented further with different modes.


Christ Church is one of Malacca’s most defining structures, built by the Dutch when they took possession of Malacca from the Portuguese. Situated along Jalan Gereja (also known as Church Street) it is a recognisable brick-red building with a huge white cross at the top. Not to mention, it’s a good spot for selfies in the day too!


With fellow Clozette Ambassador, June!

The funniest sight of the day – Captain America Trishaw with Iron Man masks?! LOL.

A shot of my fellow friends in the blogosphere – June, Xinyi, Shanice, Maybeline and myself. Pretty? Hahaha. There were other male bloggers too but I didn’t really take photos with them but you can perhaps see them in their blogs!

Our accommodation for the night was Aldy Hotel, a cosy one tucked in the streets of Jonker Walk.


As I was feeling rather tired from walking all day, I didn’t take much photos during nighttime exploring. I took this shot to show you the picture quality even when taking photos at night. Can you see the clarity of the shot?



To sum up, the Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500 was a joy to work with in terms of human and nature photography! In my opinion, it is a family-friendly camera for overseas trips. It catches the vibrancy of the colours so well and the Make-up Plus mode enhances any selfie instantly, making it a must-have for all selfie addicts! 
However, the photo quality pales in comparison when it comes to product photography (a.k.a. flatlay) which is what I do best. Being a beauty blogger, I found that I still had to edit my photos when it comes to indoor and product shots, especially without the flash function. I was honestly wishing that it could capture the essence of the makeup/skincare mess below without having to edit, because then, I would be totally sold! If only the camera had a touch-screen function too…
The Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500 is now available in Singapore and retails for S$579 at all Casio-authorised retailers. You can find more information about the camera here. Thank you once again to the awesome team from Casio Singapore!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Trip was sponsored by the team from Casio Singapore, with product on loan for my consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others.

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