September 2014 Bellabox: Review

Half the month of September have passed already and oh gosh I have to say that my school work is piling like crazy! I really can’t wait for recess week for a well-deserved break. Juggling between school work and working part-time as a beauty stylist isn’t the best because I totally feel the fatigue kicking in already!

Thank goodness for a lovely surprise box from Bellabox that came my way to lighten my mood and take away a little bit of the fatigue! Cheers to beauty surprises! 🙂

This September, Bellabox is going vogue. The theme of this blue beauty box is Urban Vibes – expect up and coming brands as well as products that will help your skin curb the horrors of the monsoon season! There is also a GORGEOUS product in there which is MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE in the box (see it already? *winks*)!

A Bellabox mess from my unravel of the blue box! There are just too many things that I don’t know where to start from!

Let’s start with some travel sized products followed by the full-sized, the STAR product and then we’ll move on to some lovely samples alright?

Dermadoctor KP Duty Dermatologist Formulated AHA Moisturising Therapy for Dry Skin – $44.90 for 4 oz
An AHA moisturising therapy for body, this creamy hydrating lotion is said to exfoliate, calm and drench skin with moisture to silky-smooth perfection! This is really a handy tube of moisturiser for travelling! Heading to Australia at the end of the year and I’m guessing I’ll be needing this! I love the citrus scent it has too!

Collistar Anti-Age Lifting Body Cream – $69.90 for 400ml
An ultra-smoothing Vitaskin® E formula for eternally youthful skin. Hmm.. eternally? Maybe not. But, this body cream smells so heavenly, like baby powder! It is responsible for the light floral fragrance of the Bellabox when you open it! I can totally still smell it after opening the box several times.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects™ Serum – $16.90 for 50ml
This powerful leave-in serum is said to revitalise unruly, unmanageable frizzy hair and restore healthy, frizz-free tresses! If you know me, I have really really bad hair (and skin, sadly) and I’ve always been on a constant quest for a hair serum that can tame my unruly mane! I am definitely going to try this out for a couple of weeks to see if it works on me!

Young Living Essential Oils – $49.35 for Lavender, $23.68 for Lemon
Lavender has a fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing while Lemon has a strong, purifying, citrus scent that is revitalizing and uplifting. I have zero knowledge on essential oils except the fact that they can be used to purify the air in homes. After reading through some knowledge on the Lavender Essential Oil and the Lemon Essential Oil, I’m really very interested to try them at home – Lavender for the home, Lemon for the skin! Such quality products in the Bellabox, I’m impressed!

And here comes my absolute favourite in this month’s Bellabox! If you’d ask me, honestly, I would buy this Bellabox just for this VDL lipstick because I have been eyeing on their Festival Lipsticks for the longest time!!! Hooray for this being in the box! I squealed with delight when I saw this while unravelling! 😀

VDL Festival Lipstick (Love Mark) in 302 Marcus – $21 for 3.3g
A luxurious lipstick that coats lips with a sheer rose mauve tone, perfect for the MLBB look! I have been obsessed with nude lips lately and this just came timely! It also uses a unique wDual Façade Powder Technology (whaaaaaaatttt?!) for enhanced coverage and definition. I definitely have to try this out. Foreseeing this to be one of my favourites soon!

BONUS: VDL Lumilayer Primer – $36 for 30ml
A primer that preps your skin while enhancing the staying power of base makeup with brightening and radiance effect. It produces a 3-dimensional skin effect too. With all the benefits stated and the raves in the beauty community, I will definitely try this out to see if it works for me! The sachet is really cute being shaped like the real bottle!

Exuviance Urban Beauty Kit – OptiLight Daily Prep for $60; Antioxidant Perfect 10 Serum for $108; OptiLight Tone Corrector for $90; Targeted Wrinkle Repair for $110
A 4-piece skincare regime for smooth, healthy-looking skin. It includes a multi-benefit purifying and brightening cleanser, a serum packed with 6 potent anti-oxidants, a tone corrector that delivers instant brightness and a wrinkle-repair (which I don’t require now) blended with 3 stringent boosts to diminish visible signs of aging. The sachets given are really quite substantial with an information booklet on the products, not bad at all!

To round off, we something relaxing which is just what I need to battle these hectic days!

BONUS: MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask – $6.50 for Box of 5
This unique self-warming steam mask warms gradually to a comfortable 40, creating moisture that calms the sensitive eye area and expertly ease eye fatigue in 10 minutes! While typing this, I’m already imagining how it’ll feel like with the warming eye mask! I can foresee myself sitting on the swing at the window/platform area chilling with this eye mask already!

Hehe, with so many goodies from home care, skincare to makeup, what’s not to love about the Urban Vibes Bellabox this September? 🙂 I am definitely liking this box with the VDL Lipstick. I understand that most people will receive the one with the ModelCo Lipstick as stated but hey, it’s gonna be just as great I believe!

Do let me know in the comments below if you love your September Bellabox!

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡

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