Skin troubles be gone with ASTIQUE’s Laser Treatments: Review

ASTIQUE, The Aesthetic Clinic

Hello lovelies!

Time is zooming past so quickly, so much so that I can’t catch up! Gosh, we’re reaching the end of the year and I can’t believe that Christmas is coming. I’m so excited for Christmas parties, now that my skin has cleared so much as compared to 2016 at this time of the year. I can finally feel more confident about my complexion all thanks to ASTIQUE, The Aesthetic Clinic (ASTIQUE). I’m never more thankful for taking that leap of faith to go for regular laser treatments at this cosy place.

My Treatments with ASTIQUE

My year-long journey with ASTIQUE has been an amazing one as I visibly see major improvements on my complexion after every treatment. The one thing I feel most comfortable here is that I don’t even need to put on makeup after my sessions! There is no downtime at all for the treatments I do here (Laser Skin Rejuvenation – Nd:YAG laser, PPx Pore-Cleansing ACNE Treatment™ and CoolTouch) so I don’t have to worry about redness etc. after each session.

paradeoflove - ASTIQUE October 01
(Skin’s generally clearer with post-acne scars disappeared…)

The Results

Just last week, I went for my regular treatment session with the same combination of lasers after a gruelling 9-day business trip. My skin tend to act up whenever I fly, but I realised that with regular sessions, I didn’t need to worry that much as compared to a year ago. My skin has become so much more manageable coupled with my own daily maintenance at home. Even Dr. Ng mentioned that my skin has become calmer and that really gave me the assurance and confidence to carry on my sessions here.

So today’s session was really quick and fuss-free with Nd:YAG laser, PPx and CoolTouch. I literally got out of the clinic in 15 minutes without the need for touch-ups after!

Nd:YAG Laser, PPx and CoolTouch

Dr. Ng performing Nd:YAG laser, where a yellowish light energy is used to stimulate natural collagen growth for that smooth and “boing-boing” (bouncy) skin texture. For some reason, I always forget how it feels like undergoing this laser and I’ll get all uneasy unnecessarily. Dr. Ng always reassures me that it’s only a mild stinging sensation and true enough, my concerns are always rendered invalid because it’s really not painful at all (even without numbing cream), teehee! 😛

paradeoflove - ASTIQUE October 02

Following Nd:YAG laser was PPx and CoolTouch, with the machine going around my skin about 2-3 times, before a chemical peel to remove my dead skin cells for brightening of the skin.

paradeoflove - ASTIQUE October 03
(Undergoing PPx)
paradeoflove - ASTIQUE October 05
(CoolTouch in the process…)

paradeoflove - ASTIQUE October 06

My Overall Thoughts

Reflecting on my journey with ASTIQUE, as I’ve said, I can never be more grateful. I was never a believer of aesthetic treatments because I thought they were all just expensive and temporary. However, I couldn’t believe it until I tried the treatments out for myself with compliments coming from my family and friends of my skin. I have been receiving lots of comments on my skin looking very healthy with no more bumps very time I head out. For me, it’s a huge confidence boost because I was often laughed at for my acne-prone skin back in school.

Even though from photos you can still tell that there are still small deep acne scars around, overall, most of the surface scars have disappeared. In the past, I used to rely on thick foundation to cover up my blemishes. Right now? All I need is a concealer and some setting powder and I’m good to go! How awesome is that? 😀

paradeoflove - ASTIQUE October 07

Indeed, my skin troubles are gone and you can definitely find a much happier and confident me. I can now parade my skin in public with more love, hehe! 🙂

Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand.

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