Smooth and supple skin with Pink Beauty’s DermAbsolute O2 Bubble Mask: Review

Pink Beauty's DermAbsolute O2 Bubble Mask
Happy New Year, lovelies!
It’s 2016. A new year, a new start. What are your (beauty) resolutions? Well, for me, it’s of course to strive for better skin! I have been trying to achieve that and I can say that my skin has improved in 2015, only to pave the way for even better skin in 2016 right?
Courtesy of Pink Beauty, I am one step closer to smoother skin with the new DermAbsolute O2 Bubble Mask!
The O2 bubble mask is the first of its kind, utilising nano technology to create oxygen bubbles. It is said to make the skin fair and hydrated after use. Indeed, after a few uses, I felt that my pores shrank nominally and the skin looks clearer and cleaner too.
The mask comes with 2 products in its packaging:
  • O2 Bubble Mask – a charcoal base mask to hydrate and lighten skin
  • Apple Stem Cell Instant Lifting Serum – a face serum for longevity of skin cells

As the packaging illustrates, the mask is black in colour! How unique right? If you think it’s black just because it is, you’re wrong! There are benefits to the black charcoal base:
  • Helps absorbs impurities up to 200 times its weight for skin cleanliness
  • A natural ingredient which helps to deep cleanse the skin, removing blackheads without leaving scars
  • Helps detoxify for younger-looking skin
When I first put on the mask, I felt a mild tingling and warm sensation on the skin. It feels a little uncomfortable at first but is bearable. After a few minutes, the mask started to foam up. Kinda looks like my mask is frozen with snow on it, isn’t it?


When the mask comes into contact with the skin, these bubbles will start to form under influence of the surrounding temperature. The O2 bubble mask helps to lock in oxygen into the skin. Oxygen is highly vital in preventing facial breakouts and killing bacteria. With DermAbsolute O2 Bubble Mask, oxygen is directly delivered into the skin to aid in the skin cells’ metabolism.
After about 20 minutes, the skin feels very cooling and minty, much like a refreshing and rejuvenating cold water bath, but for the face! The next step was then to apply the Apple Stem Cell Instant Lifting Serum provided in the mask pack.
It comes in this syringe-like tube which took me ages to figure out. The dispensing mechanism works in such a way that you gotta pluck the top needle-like part out and use it to push the bottom. The serum will be dispensed as you push the liquid out from the bottom. As it dispenses, you’ll be greeted by the sweet, nectarine smell of green apples! The fruity smell makes you happy while you apply on your skin!
The Apple Stem Cell Serum has a thick liquid-gel consistency which is rich in epigenetic factors, ensuring longevity of skin cells. I like that it absorbs quickly and the sticky residue on the skin disappears after a while. I think that the amount of serum contained could be used a few times though so be careful not to dispense all of it.


Overall, I felt that the O2 bubble mask thoroughly hydrates my skin, instantly making my skin plumper and more moisturised. It also helped to lighten my skin while providing clarity. It’s one of those masks that makes you feel that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated, if you get what I mean!

I actually applied the mask before my makeup and it made my skin look flawless! If you are heading to an important event, you could consider popping one of these on your skin before you apply makeup 😉

The DermAbsolute O2 Bubble Mask retails for S$16.90 and is available at Pink Beauty outlets:
Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Blk 705 #01-2571 | Toa Payoh Blk 183 #01-270 | Westmall #01-14 | Bugis+ #02-67/68 | Bedok North St 1 Blk 213 #01-133 | Westgate Jurong East #B1-17
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: The masks were provided by Pink Beauty Singapore. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand. I am not compensated by/affiliated with the brand.

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