Summer Mermaid Nails with Dance in Finger: Review

Summer Mermaid Nails
After resting my nails for a while now, it’s time to head for a manicure to dress them up pretty! I’ve always been a huge fan of anything mermaid and colours like purple and turquoise hence I was so stoked after seeing how my manicure turned out!
I call it A Mermaid’s Song. Every single detail speaks for itself, it’s like a sweet summer melody in the heart of the sea. If you look at it individually, you’d think that they don’t match, but seeing them in totality makes you think that they are a set, don’t you think? Well, at least, that’s what I feel.
I got this set of nails done over the weekends in Dance in Finger, located in Far East Plaza #01-69. With the location in town, it makes for easy access if you work around the area.
PSST! Special discount for you at the end of the post!

The shop front is pretty much similar to other manicure parlours out there so it’s easily recognisable. It’s the first store you see right in front of you when you enter Far East Plaza by level one.
What sets it apart from a few of the other manicure parlours I’ve visited is their use of products and skill set. If you’re in for a regular manicure, you won’t be surprised by the familiar nail polish brands such as OPI, but if you have some spare cash for a gel manicure, you’ll be in for a treat!
Dance in Finger stocks high quality Japanese gel polishes so rest assured of your manicure lasting for a long time! By the way, the polishes come in round jars so you don’t see them standing tall on the shelves.
Upon entering the cozy little space, I was greeted by the friendly nail artists and comfy arm chairs which I made a mess on afterwards. Even though the space isn’t luxurious or posh-looking, it makes you feel at home, relaxed. Take away the stresses of being in a luxurious store – you know sometimes you just need to have people whom you can comfortably share your worries with. Only in such a setting you’ll be able to do so without reservations.
My dear manicurist, Ting, and I had lots of fun discussing about the Korean band, Big Bang, because her entire playlist contained songs from their old and newest albums! I had so much fun reliving those days when I was a crazy Big Bang fan girl. Even though she was chatting with me, I must say that her professionalism garnered my respect. She is so skilled and precise, which immediately put my heart at ease when she started working on my nails. Right when all the embellishments were sealed in, I knew that they would last. There’s just something about embellishments falling off within a couple of days that irks me.
So anyway, I was super satisfied with my manicure and would definitely come back the next time I am seeking to dress my nails for an important event. If you’re curious about their skills, let me show you some of their sample works being displayed on a nail art wall in their store. It only took me about an hour and a half for the entire set to be done and she customised it to what I had in mind so perfectly that I’m still admiring my nails every time they catch my attention 😛
They also have got monthly featured specials so do check the sets out! Be it something girly or edgy, just speak your hearts and they’ll get it done to perfection 😉
You must be thinking, since there are nothing but praises, are they really that good? Well, all I can say is experience for yourselves and you’ll know why. I guess a picture speaks a thousand words. What you see on my nails? There are no protruding grooves nor jutting edges at all. Every single embellishment is sealed within so much so that you can continue with housework or your daily tasks such as washing your hair without any worries! I love how she took my passing comment seriously and made sure that the design lasts.
Dance in Finger is located in Fareast Plaza #01-69 as mentioned and you can find their works on their social media channels:
Thank you dear Chloe, a follower and friend of mine for recommending me to this nail parlour! Also a huge thank you to the Dance in Finger team of manicurists for the patience and beautiful artwork!
to receive a 20% discount on all nail art (inclusive of diamantes, pearls, chains and embellishments)!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Manicure session was sponsored by Dance in Finger for review consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself. I am NOT compensated nor affiliated to the brand.

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