Surprise Your Date: Valentine’s Day 2015 Gifts for HIM

Valentine's Day 2015 Gifts for HIM
If your man has always been the one showering you with gifts and beautiful things, why not get him a surprise this Valentine’s? Well, at least for me, my beloved boyfriend has been the one thinking out what to get for me on every occasion so this Valentine’s, I’m going to be the one getting him a surprise!
We all know men are functional creatures. They gravitate towards things that they can use, no matter the frills, unlike us girls. Hence, I have put together 7 great gift ideas that will make your man swoon on your dinner date on 14th of February!

For the Vain Guy

Bellfield Brushed Flannel Shirt, S$59.90 from Zalora (get it here)

You know the vain guy is all about dressing well and looking good. A simple idea is to just pick out his dinner shirt for him and make him wear it on your date with him! This Navy Brushed Flannel Shirt by Bellfield features a single chest pocket with the classic curved hem design and hang loop at the back. You can never go wrong with a flannel design.


For the Athletic Guy

Kiehl’s Men Cleansers, above S$30 from Kiehl’s Singapore (get it here)

Well, if your man is somewhat a sporty guy who loves to play basketball (or any other ball sports), go running, gyming etc., a good facial cleanser will do the trick! My personal pick? The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, an efficient and energising facial cleanser that thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil, and impurities without an over-drying effect. I personally bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. He recommends the Facial Scrubs though because it’s not something that people usually gift, and it works!

For the Guy Who Has Everything

The Economist, 12 weeks for S$45-55 from The Economist (get it here)

If your man has indeed, everything he needs, then I suggest to gift him something that’ll enrich his knowledge (provided that he’s a knowledge-hungry guy). I included this subscription as one of the gift ideas because when I was talking to my boyfriend about this gift guide blog post, the #1 thing that came out from him was this. If your guy loves reading, he’ll probably love you more for giving him good read for 12 weeks.


For the Modern, Manly Guy

Bleu de Chanel, S$210 from Chanel (store locator)

For the man who defies convention, pick this fresh, clean and profoundly sensual fragrance. I personally love this cologne having encountered it with a guy friend in Sydney. This is a striking balance of timeless woody aromatic notes and resolutely innovative elements that liberates the senses, offering a singular statement of determination and desire for today’s modern man.


For the Boyish Guy

Beat Bot Flat Pack Speaker Robot, S$24.90 from Monoyono (get it here)
Beat convention with this quirky gift! All guys love their tech stuff so why not let him build his own robot sound system for his phone? Then, stand back as the bot amplifies his tunes in glorious mono. The kit includes amp speakers, a cable and a jack for his device. This little cute robot is sure to make him think of you whenever he plays his music!

For the Refined, Classy (Alcoholic) Guy 

Whisky Stones, S$24.90 from Monoyono (get it here)

A slurp of good whisky conjures images of rugged, windswept landscapes, rich earthy ingredients, and centuries-old craftsmanship (depending on how much you’ve had). However, drop a couple of ice cubes into the mix and all that heady imagery becomes… well, a bit weak. If your man is a whisky drinker who like it cold, the perfect gift? Whisky Stones that chill his drink while not diluting it! My boyfriend received this as a Christmas gift and he loves it so much! And then I thought, why not?


For the Classic Guy

Tod’s Crossgrain Leather Billfold Wallet, approx. SGD $258 from Mr Porter (get it here)

For the guy who loves all-things-classic, just get him a nice wallet (if his is pretty old already). Tod’s deep navy billfold wallet is crafted from textured cross-grain leather that sets it apart from similar items. It is kitted with eight internal card slots and two note pockets, while retaining a slim profile that won’t disrupt the lines of your man’s tailoring.

So, have you thought of what to get for HIM yet? Don’t forget to throw in a handwritten card for that extra special oomph because a man loves that his partner puts in effort! Oh, and if you would like to fill his tummy and make him go goo-goo-ga-ga over you on Valentine’s, check out some dessert recipes here and here! My personal picks are the Nutella ones 😉

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.


Disclaimer: The above gift guide is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others.

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