Fuss-free K-makeup shopping with Althea Korea: Review & Makeup Look

Althea Korea
For a while now, Korean makeup is in trend in all parts of the world, especially Southeast Asia. More and more people, including myself, are starting to explore the dynamic world of K-makeup brands! However, I believe not all Korean makeup brands are readily available in our countries which makes it hard to obtain the latest lipstick probably Han Ga-In or Park Shin Hye is wearing.
Not to worry, it’s good news for all you ladies residing in SEA! Althea Korea, founded since June 2015, brings you K-beauty all the way from Koreaaaa!~ Let’s dig into my Althea Beauty Haul, shall we?
I’ve managed to get a variety of products from brands I have never really tried before. I was so excited to test them all out!
So all you have to to is to login to http://sg.althea.kr and you’ll see a some featured products and promotions on their website banners.
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