Dollhouse Nails – Lilac Floral x Stripes Nails: Review

Gel Manicure at Dollhouse Nails
Being a typical girly girl, I’m mad about my nails which explains why I take the time and effort to dress up my own nails during my free times! For someone who does her own nails, a manicure service is certainly a pampering session for me because I don’t have to sweat it down to every little fine detail! Just look at how beautiful my set of nails from Dollhouse are! I love the acrylic flowers coupled with the stripes and crystals, they look so dainty don’t they?
Since my previous set of manicure was chipping, I decided it was high time I had my nails done! Big thanks to GetKlarity I was able to enjoy a lovely pampering session with dear Fifi and Joelle in the little cozy boutique with pastel turquoise furnishing!
(It feels so calm and pristine with the pastel theme)
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