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Fresver Facial
Evening my lovelies! Does anyone still read my blog? Well, I’ve always wondered who actually comes here. If you’re reading this, feel free to say “Hi” to me in the comments below! I would love to connect with you no matter where you are in the world. 😉
Phew, another week has passed and it feels like I’m caught in a routine ever since I started working a year ago. Somehow, my life has changed but I believe the change is for a reason. It’s time to be happy and enjoy the show! I’ve been so stressed up lately that my skin has been breaking out, yet again. Procrastination didn’t make it any better until I’ve decided to head for a facial treatment, c/o Fresver Beauty.

I’m rarely able to head out without makeup because of the redness and spots on my skin. Surprised I was when I looked into the mirror after the session because my skin actually looked a lot better than when my makeup was stripped before the treatment!
I don’t think one can expect a face of flawless skin just after one treatment but can you see that the red spots weren’t that obvious? I actually felt comfortable stepping out in public without makeup! Where was I when Fresver Beauty was established? I should have discovered this place earlier!

Fresver Beauty was established in Singapore in 1988 (that’s freaking 28 years of history!), dedicated to bringing the latest technology and best products sourced from around the world to their customers. Their therapists are highly trained (I can vouch for that) to enhance your beauty and relax your muscles at the same time.
Before any treatment, a skin analysis is necessary to diagnose the problem areas for a customised treatment to target those trouble zones. Evidently, I have oily and very sensitive skin with weakened skin immunity. It means that my skin cell regeneration is weak.
The analysis was then documented by the beauty therapist on your personal beauty profile card for record purposes.
Honestly, I couldn’t contain my excitement of being in the treatment room during the analysis because I know that I’m going to get all that gunk out followed by a good 2-hour relaxation (minus the painful extraction process). Here’s how a typical treatment room in Fresver looks like. This wasn’t the room I was in though because I forgot to snap a shot before the bed turned messy.
I was first greeted with a Welcome Aroma Ritual where my therapist allowed me to relax with a calming lavender scent. A brief comforting head massage before a double cleanse of my skin ensued. And then, it was the most dreaded process – extractions! With my problem skin, extractions have never been painless but over time, I just learnt to deal with it and it gets less painful the more I go through that process.
To target and treat my skin, the Cryoboost Calming Therapy together with the use of a soothing ampoule was employed. The Cryoboost is a refreshing therapy which is especially great for dry, sensitive or troubled skin. Using an exclusive cooling metal carrier plate that emits microsonic waves, the hand-held machine gently pushes product, specifically serum, into the skin.
As my skin is very sensitive and weak, a soothing ampoule was used in this step to help calm and soothe while delivering a burst of nutrients to aid in skin repair. The icy cool plates of the machine also brings down my skin temperature in the process, tightening the pores after the intense extraction. As a result, the skin is soothed and redness is reduced as well.
After a soothing and cooling therapy and a facial point massage on the face, it was time for some massage relaxation for the shoulder and upper back! I swear I went into dreamland during the process because it was soooooo comfortable and relaxing! I wasn’t completely asleep because I was half conscious to enjoy the massage. One of the best shoulder massages I’ve had in a while I must say, especially when she was trying to relieve tension in my upper back. *Bliss*
Next, my skin was infused with the DRS Apple Stem Cell Serum which is the star product of the beauty brand, containing apple stem cells and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). Apple stem cell activates skin cell regeneration and repairs damaged tissues, which is just what I need. Combating aging as well, the serum also helps in strengthening skin immunity against external environmental damages. I’ve heard a lot about EGF helping to promote healing of the skin and fading of acne scars and it really did help brighten my skin and refine my super large open pores.
To go along with all that goodness in the serum, my skin was treated with a Colour Light Therapy, mainly using blue light for my dehydrated, sensitive and damaged skin. Blue light is used for soothing and calming skin while Red is for normal to aging skin with lifting properties. I ever reviewed a handheld device that you can use at home if you recall, the Lumi-Oxy. It pretty much works the same way.
The blue light helps penetration of the serum nutrients into cells beyond the dermis layer of the skin, and in just a single session of this premium treatment, I actually saw results! You’ll see in the before and after shots. No photo-editing was made at all. You will be able to view visible results in the form of brighter skin with redness reduced.
And the last step to refresh and rejuvenate the skin while intensely calming the redness is a customised mask. With this super cooling mask, I completely fell asleep. Twenty full minutes of shutting my eyes (I can’t even open even if I wanted to :P) and mind, drifting off to Lala Land was the best feeling ever.
Can you clearly see how much improvements are there in just one treatment? I usually get lots of redness after every treatment session due to the extractions but this just blew my mind! My skin felt a lot smoother with no more little bumps and that squeaky-clean feeling just lifts my spirits up a whole lot after a long tiring day at work! I’m sold!~ Let the pictures do the talking.
Alrighty, now for the awesome giveaway and special trial that Fresver has kindly extended to all you Paradeoflove readers!
  • Quote “BG-Roanna1” for a Complimentary Cryoboost Calming Facial Treatment (worth $160) (for the first 30 only)
  • Quote “BG-Roanna2” for a Special Trial of Cryoboost Calming + Apple Stem Cell + Colour Light Therapy Facial Treatment @ SGD58 (worth SGD630) customised and advised accordingly
To redeem:
  • SMS your Name, Age and the Trial Code to +65 9011 1234
  • You must be first time customers of Fresver Beauty, aged 21-65 years old, with SG, PR, S or E Pass ONLY
  • Treatments are valid till 30 September 2016


Fresver Beauty is located at:
Tiong Bahru
840 Hougang Central
#01-04 Singapore 538757
Tel: (65) 6100 1513
5 Tampines Central 6 #01-23 Telepark
Singapore 529482
Tel: (65) 6100 1030
14 Scotts Road #05-18
Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
Tel: (65) 6100 8108
Opening soon!
Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Facial treatment was sponsored by Fresver Beauty for review consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself. I am NOT compensated nor affiliated to the brand.

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