Tarte Holiday 2014 – Pin Up Girl Blush Palette: Review & Swatches

Tarte Holiday 2014 Pin Up Girl Blush Palette
November is ending and there is probably about a month left for you to think of the presents you are going to get for Christmas for your friends and family members right? 😉 Well, if you have that one female friend who is a blusher junkie, then this is the perfect gift for her – the Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette!
Look at the beautiful lilac and gold details on the packaging! Isn’t it a sweet dream come true?
The palette comes in a rough, rusty-like and distressed gold fabric clutch with lilac printed details which I highly dislike because it seems like it’s a clutch made for a little girl. Plus, the additional 2 gold pins do really make it seem like it’s a child’s play toy. I do love that the palette is gold but I just didn’t like the idea of the bulky and heavy clutch.
Housing 5 Amazonian 12-Hr Clay Blushers, this palette retails for only S$59, a pretty good value considering that all 5 are almost full-sized and a blush single would cost a whopping S$45 already. There is a variety of shades in this vintage palette, including:
  • Breathless – matte pinky beige
  • Embraced – satin-shimmery plum rose
  • Whimsy – matte cool tone light pink
  • Bashful –  satin-matte warm rosy peach-coral with a glistening gold reflect
  • Irreplaceable – matte mauvy rose
I would say, if you are a blush junkie, you better don’t miss out on this one unless you are banging on Tarte coming out with another blush palette next year. I missed out on 2013’s Off the Cuff which included its famous Park Ave. Princess bronzer and is housed in a sleeker packaging with a cuff bracelet, and I am regretting it already! So when I knew about this, I flew straight to the Sephora counter to grab myself one just in case it runs out of stock and I am pretty happy with all 5 shades, especially Breathless because part of me gave up on the seemingly pale shade in its pan when I first landed my hands on this. When I swatched it, however, it turned out to be a beautiful shade that is good for contouring, especially for lighter skin tones!
I haven’t tested all the blushers yet but they are richly pigmented as with the usual Amazonian Clay Blushers, probably a teenie weenie bit powdery for some shades. And I have to say it lasts for the entire day as well (when I was wearing Bashful and Whimsy).
I hope you like this mini review of the Holiday 2014 Blush Palette from Tarte and I will see you in my next review/post! Enjoy your holidays!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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