Tealy Christmas Bundle Gift Set 2014: Review

Are you a tea lover like me? If you are, you have to check out the awesome range of exotic teas from Tealy! I first encountered Tealy in my August 2014 Bellabox (review here) and probably even before that as well and I just fell in love with them! They offer a couple of exotic flavours such as Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle, Mint Rooibos and Anjou Paradise Ceylon which I have tried and I think that they are so unique!
This Christmas, Tealy has come up with a Christmas Bundle Gift Set where you can  combine a Tealy tea along with a Japanese tea from a selected range of choices! Just look at this cute bundle! If you have friends who are tea lovers, this is the perfect Christmas gift for them because I am pretty sure you will be pampering their tastebuds with these lovely teas!
Courtesy of Tealy, I have received a bundle containing the Peach Berry Jasmine Sutra together with the Rose Oolong Tea. Being a fruity-tea-lover myself, I love exploring and purchasing fruity teas with exotic flavours in them such as one I bought that’s called Peach Ice Cream etc. A cup of fruity tea never fails to relax my mind and soul with every sip I take! I just enjoy having tea in the mornings and during tea-time if I’m home.
The Peach Berry Jasmine Sutra is a fragrant blend of jasmine mixed lightly with apple, apricot, peach, strawberry & cream. As the name sounds, it is a sweet blend of fruits, giving you that peachy taste with a subtle hint of jasmine. With a dash of honey, I think that this will serve to brighten up your mood with its fruity flavour! This is also my personal favourite so far from Tealy, apart from the Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle that I love!
Dressed in a beautiful red packaging, the Rose Oolong Tea is has a rich aroma of rose and tea leaves. It is smooth and refreshing and I love drinking this when I feel tired and want to relax myself. Even though Oolong is usually very strong-tasting, I love that this is not too overpowering and you can actually taste the subtle rose fragrant in it. In my opinion, this is the perfect companion for your tea-time cakes!
(You can even see the little rose buds in the teabags!)
If you would like to embark on a delighting trip to tranquillity with the refreshing notes of Tealy’s tea selections, check out the Tealy Christmas Bundle Gift Sets here at:
Enjoy a 15% discount on all the gift sets and quote XS141201A” for an additional 5% off for all you ParadeOfLove readers!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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