Glitter showdown with Too Faced Glitter Bomb Prismatic Glitter Eye Shadow Palette & Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Comparison

Too Faced Glitter Bomb and Urban Decay Moondust

It’s always fun with a little glitter sparkle in our lives, no? Since the festive season is coming, I’m going to be talking about two eyeshadow palettes that will help you achieve a festive, glittery and sparkly eye makeup look!

I’ve been immersed in glitter with the Too Faced Glitter Bomb Prismatic Glitter Eye Shadow Palette & Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette. When I first received the Glitter Bomb palette, I thought that the shades are quite in the same family as those in the Moondust, so I bought the Moondust to do a comparison post.

Both makeup brands are my absolute all-time favourites. They produce some of the best eye primers, foundations and lipsticks in my opinion. I wanted to do a glitter showdown between the two so… Read on for a mini review on each, comparisons, swatches and similar makeup looks using both palettes.

A girl cannot have no glitter in her makeup wardrobe.

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Prismatic Glitter Eye Shadow Palette

The Glitter Bomb palette was created by Too Faced Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino, so you can shimmer from coffee to cocktail. With 8 sparkly prismatic glittery shades, together with the clever addition of a white and black matte base, you can either brighten or intensify the glitters or apply them wet for a liquid crystal-like finish. Who says you can’t wear glitter to breakfast, lunch and dinner?

The Shades

The shades are contained in a slim cardboard palette with the words G-L-I-T-T-E-R literally containing glitter flakes:

  • Brightening Base – matte white
  • Fairy Dust – pearly champagne white on a lilac base
  • Confetti – pink lilac
  • Hot Damn! – violet with purple shift
  • Glitter Goals – blue-grey with purple iridescent shift
  • Rosé All Day – rose gold with orange shift
  • Work It – bright orange-red
  • Oh, It’s On! – gold with brown undertone
  • Splash – teal blue with gold shift
  • Intensifying Base – matte black

I personally enjoy this palette with its easy-to-wear shade range. The palette features shades that allow you to create whimsical and fun makeup looks. If you’re in for a unicorn makeup look, this palette is it!

What I love about this palette is the intensifying base. Once layered over the black base, the eyeshadow colours pop and appear much more metallic and iridescent than they originally are. I do find that there’s a bit of fall-out when working with this palette alone without layering over the bases, but use glitter glue and all your problems will be solved 😉

Overall Rating

  • Pigmentation: 7.5/10
  • Shade Range: 9/10
  • Application: 7/10 (used dry)
  • Texture: 7/10

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

“Sexy, twinkling sparkle with a ton of depth and movement” is what is described of this palette. The Moondust is literally on another level when it comes to glitter. Be prepared to send your glitter addiction into overdrive with planet Earth’s sparkliest eight shadows.

I already have a deep love affair with sparkle it the Moondust made me fall deeper. Each eyeshadow is dazzlingly sparkly, but with a super-refined, incredibly sophisticated texture without a speck of chunky glitter, unlike the Glitter Bomb. I love how each shade has a multi-dimensional metallic shift and it helps you create more depth in your eyeshadow looks.

The Shades

The shades are housed in a metallic grey grainy casing which is rather sturdy:

  • Specter – soft pink with tonal sparkle
  • Element – peach with pink shift and sparkle
  • Magnetic – purple with blue sparkle
  • Lightyear – vibrant green with tonal sparkle
  • Granite – black with multi-coloured sparkle
  • Lithium – brown with iridescent 3D sparkle
  • Vega – bright blue with tonal sparkle)
  • Galaxy – smoky blue-gray with iridescent 3D sparkle

Overall Rating

  • Pigmentation: 8.5/10
  • Shade Range: 7/10
  • Application: 8/10
  • Texture: 8/10

So… my verdict? The Moondust wins!

My Final Thoughts

In terms of pigmentation and application, I’ll still go for Moondust simply because Glitter Bomb has more fall-out. Even though I do enjoy having both the brightening and intensifying bases, I still prefer Moondust’s fine glitter compared to the chunky glitter in Glitter Bomb. In terms of intensity, the Moondust shades are generally much more intense and multi-dimensional which I love! Thus, Moondust hands down~

Too Faced Glitter Bomb and Urban Decay Moondust
Too Faced Glitter Bomb on the left, Urban Decay Moondust on the right.

However, I’ve got a strong feeling that the tables may turned if we were to use them wet.. Not a fan of using my eyeshadows wet but…. We’ll see!

Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna

Disclaimer: Too Faced Glitter Bomb was provided by Too Faced for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brands. It contains information from the brands. I am NOT affiliated nor compensated by the brands.

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