The beauty gadget you need for relaxation and indulgence – Panasonic Beauty Warming Facial & Body Roller: Review

Panasonic Beauty Warming Facial
Living in this stressful urban city scape, don’t you want to come home to enjoy some quiet or relaxation time after a grueling battle at work? I’m not sure about you but I definitely love indulging myself in a relaxing hour or two, especially getting a soothing massage!
Thankfully for me, the Panasonic Beauty Warming Facial & Body Roller has been my best companion to hectic work weeks! I was loaned a set to try for a review, which is part of the Singapore Beauty Blog Awards 2015! Please vote for me here if you haven’t! Here are my honest thoughts on this nifty handheld device. 
If you aren’t familiar with these type of beauty devices, the Warming Facial & Body Roller is basically a handheld beauty gadget dedicated to allow you to achieve the V shape contour for your face and body while giving you a relaxing, soothing warm massage. It has two roller balls on each end for you to gently massage your skin while they rotate and grip your skin. The unique feature of this device is the heating function because not many of such devices are able to do that.
This device comes with two interchangeable heads – one with the two roller balls (Squeezing Roller) and the other shaped like a gear (Stroking Roller) – for different purposes.
I personally enjoy the Squeezing Roller a lot because of its ability to massage not just my face but also my body! There are many ways you can use this device, such as on the face contour line, thighs, calves, upper arms, arms, neck, chest, waist and the buttocks but I particularly love using it on my face, calves as well as neck area.
Please pardon my bare face for this shot is to show you how I use it on my skin!
For Contour Line

You move the roller from the bottom of the chin upwards to the bottom of your ears so as to squeeze and lift. Move along the face as indicated by the arrows for around 1 second. Repeat for 20-30 times each session. Recommended to use LOW for a temperature of about 44°C.

For Calves
Move the roller from bottom to the top of your thighs. Move upwards for around 2 seconds. Repeat for 30-50 times each session. I usually use it at night after a run/workout to soothe those muscles! You can also use them on your thighs like I do too. Recommended to use HIGH for a temperature of about 48°C.
For Neck
Move the roller up and down the neck. Move for around 3 seconds for one cycle. Repeat for 30-50 times each session. With the warming function, this is especially great for soothing aches or dissolving some kinks on the neck/shoulder area. Recommended to use HIGH for a temperature of about 48°C.
In case you are wondering what the Stroking Roller does, it actually has a gear-like roller for massaging areas such as your face (mouth area, cheeks, chin), around the stomach and the collarbone as well.
I like using it on my face every few days when I feel I need to massage my face to release those tension on my facial muscles. Again, the warming function provides a quality relaxation when massaging.
For Face
Move the roller up and down from one side of your mouth area to the cheekbones. Move for around 1 second. Repeat for 20-30 times each session. Recommended to use HIGH for a temperature of about 44°C.
One tip I’ve learnt from the Panasonic Beauty Workshop I’ve attended earlier is that you can also use the Stroking Roller to massage your tummy in upwards-downwards motion to shape and soothe it! If you have a tummy-ache or simply a queasy stomach, just apply some medicated oil and start rolling away to ease the queasiness. I’ve tried it and it works! The heat really helps in making your tummy more comfortable.
The verdict? If you are looking for a gadget that allows you to do simple massages on your face and body for relaxation, this is an investment to make. As for contouring the face, you’d probably require diligent long-term usage to see the effects but for me, I love this gadget for its ability to fight the results of stress. It is also easy to clean – simply use a wet cloth or tissue to wipe the rollers and you’re good to go for the next use!
If you want to learn more about the product, you can check out the Panasonic Official Site and the Panasonic Facebook Page. Oh and please also VOTE FOR ME HERE! I appreciate each and every vote from you. Thank you for casting your votes!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Product was loaned by Panasonic Beauty Singapore for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.

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