theBalm Nude ‘Tude Palette: Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be doing a review and some swatches on this Nude ‘Tude Palette from theBalm Cosmetics. This palette retails for about S$45 and you can get it from Nordstrom, Bellabox and all SaSa outlets in Singapore. I got mine from for only S$16 because I exchanged my credits to offset the price of the palette together with a 20% discount on all theBalm items. Super great deal!

This neutral eyeshadow palette has been sitting untouched in my makeup collection for the longest time and I decided to play around with the colours in my free time today! The palette comes in a hard cardboard material like most of the palettes out there. What I adore most about this is the cute naked ladies print with their sensitive parts covered by the eyeshadow pans! Very fitting to the name of the palette indeed!

The palette comes with 12 colours, all with names starting with S and they are all attributes you can use on girls.
Let’s take a look at the colours in detail:
Sassy – Frosty satin white
Stubborn – Beigey peach satin
Selfish – Satin taupe
Snobby – Frosty satin champagne gold
Stand-offish – Frosty beigey-pink
Sultry – Matte brown


Sophisticated – Olive brown with gold microglitters
Sexy – Matte rusty reddish-brown
Serious – Matte deep black
Seductive – Satin bronze
Silly – Matte deep brown with red & gold glitters
Sleek – Matte dark chocolate brown
Here are the swatches:
This is the first time I am trying an eyeshadow palette from theBalm and I must say I am impressed by the pigmentation of the colours. The pigmentation is definitely comparable to a lot of other high quality brands such as Urban Decay and Sleek Makeup. However, there are several less pigmented shades such as Serious, the deep black which I thought would’ve been more pigmented by the look from the pan. Another problematic shade would be Silly, as the glitters would cause fallout and I thought it could’ve been more pigmented as well.
Overall, I am very happy with the colours except that it would be even more awesome if they had a matte cream-coloured highlight shade (Sassy is too pigmented as a highlight shade).
Has anyone tried theBalm eyeshadow palettes before? Let me know!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡

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