Boost confidence with Tokyo Bust Express: Review

Boost confidence with Tokyo Bust Express


Since all my time is spent on skincare, hair care and body care, it has never occurred to me that I should be giving equal attention to bust care. Our breasts (man or woman alike) are part of us and are assets that we should maintain and care for.


C/o Tokyo Bust Express, I had a chance to learn more about my bust and experience a Bust Perk Firm Up Treatment.

The Bust Perk Firm Up Treatment is an all-natural treatment that helps detox, firm and enhance blood circulation. It also helps to shape and lift our breasts for a firmer and lifted look. I visited the Regency House outlet last week for the treatment and here’s what I experienced:




I was first brought into a consultation room for the therapist to understand more about my needs. Personally, I’ve never been confident about my bust because I felt that I was too flat. However, with all the negativity around artificial bust contour/lifting methods, I didn’t dare to do anything to my bust. Through my consultation session, I learnt that bust contour/lifting need not be surgical.


Enzyme Scrub

After the consultation session, it was time for the treatment! We first took a “Before” photo, and got my bust height measured so that we could do a comparison after. Following which was an enzyme scrub to gently exfoliate the bust area to help remove dead skin cells.

Natural Bust Massage

As the areas above my bust (where the lymph nodes are) had blockage, the massage was focused to reduce blockage. Using a cream enriched with Phytoestrogen and oils, the bust massage aims to detox, firm and enhance circulation. It also helps to stimulate supporting tissues and the lymph nodes for a firmer looking bust. It was honestly quite painful for the first 5 minutes before it mellowed down and became more comfortable. Talk about blockage!

Perks Me Suction Machine

A suction machine with 2 cups were then placed on each side of my breasts to stimulate collagen and trigger healthy hormonal responses.

Essence Mask

The last step of any treatment is my favourite – mask! A soothing essence mask was then placed around my bust for a lifting, firming and tightening effect. It was the best part of the treatment because it was a good 15-20 minutes of rest time!

After the treatment, we proceeded with comparison photos and height measurements (which I will not be able to show). To complement the treatment, I was also given some homecare products:

  • Bust-Licious Max Bust Gel – to improve elasticity and tonicity of the bust
  • Shape Up Essence – to tone, strengthen and firm while stimulating mammary glands for a youthful and lifted bust contour


Overall Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised at how I could visibly see a difference in my bust! They looked firmer and were more in shape which resulted in a slightly higher height measured. The lymph nodes also went down by quite a lot, which makes me feel much confident about myself. It was really interesting how after one session, I could see visible results. Imagine if I’d embark on a bust contour/lifting journey!


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**Terms and Conditions apply. Results of treatment vary for each individual.


Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Service was provided by Tokyo Bust Express for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am compensated for providing my review.

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