Channel your whimsical unicorn vibes with the Too Faced Life’s A Festival Collection: Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

Too Faced Life’s A Festival Collection

“Be a unicorn in a field of horses.”

That’s right, why be an ordinary horse when you can colour up your life and be a fun-loving unicorn? I’m totally feeling Coachella vibes in this whimsical collection by Too Faced. Indeed, as what the name of the collection says, “Life’s A Festival”, so go on, be happy and celebrate! But first, MAKEUP!

The Too Faced Life’s A Festival Collection is a celebration of good vibes, good music and amazing makeup. Too Faced Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino wants you to live your best life, celebrate yourself, and be free with this beautiful collection of iridescent formulas and rainbow pigments! Artist and songwriter, RaeLynn, fronts the collection with her song, “Festival”. Talk about good music!



Ethereal Eye Shadow Palette

Life’s a festival when you can fill it with colours! The Ethereal Eye Shadow Palette is my absolute pick from this collection. I mean, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the rainbow packaging. WHO ON EARTH DOES RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS IN MAKEUP? It can only be Too Faced.



Even the inside has got this cute cloud-shaped mirror and it’s all holographic and rainbow-y!


Moving on to the palette itself… The palette consists of duo chromatic shadows that shift in colour and a great mix of creamy mattes, pearlescent pops of mystical shades, with an exclusive Unicorn Tears highlighter, to bring you all good vibes only. The eyeshadow formula is apparently infused with rose quartz powder to add some love energy to your makeup. I totally adore how they made a rainbow within the palette with its shades too!


There are altogether 13 shades:

  • Young & Free – matte warm pink
  • Euphoric – metallic peachy coral with light gold shift
  • Rainbow Life – warm coral-red with pink sparkle
  • Desert Vibes – matte chocolate brown
  • Sunset Dream – medium orange with gold microshimmer
  • Fun In The Sun – bright yellow gold with green shift
  • Beamin’ – metallic pale gold
  • Fireflies – metallic moss green
  • Mystic Rain – metallic light pink with light blue-teal shift
  • Funtasy – satin berry purple
  • Artist Pass – metallic copper with blue-teal shift
  • Dusk Teal Dawn – metallic bluish teal
  • Unicorn Tears – iridescent blue-violet shift

The formula has got to be one of Too Faced’s best because all of the shades are creamy and pigmented, and some are even transformative! Oh, and because the collection is so whimsical, I had to fit the theme with my #ParadeofSwatches. 😉

(FYI, Unicorn Tears is amazing. It transforms black to this beautiful ethereal violet. You can use it to highlight too!)

Here’s my makeup look using the following shades – Desert Vibes and Rainbow Life on the crease, Funtasy on the outer V, Mystic Rain as the main lid colour and on the lower lash line and Unicorn Tears on the inner corners of the eyes.


Unicorn Horn Highlighting Stick

Moving on to the Unicorn Horn Highlighting Stick, a set of two mystical effects highlighting sticks inspired by the unicorn horn. When you twist the product up, you’ll find the sides shaped like the unicorn horn with the spiralled design.


There are two variants:

  • Unicorn Tears – light blue with an iridescent shift
  • Unicorn Dreams – light pink-peach with a gold shift
(Love the glittery gold unicorn stickers but they seem to come off easily…)

The Formula

The creamy formula has a magical shade-shifting property which allows you to glide onto your cheeks easily to achieve a party-ready pearlescent finish. It is buildable, blends easily but I find that Unicorn Tears is slightly too blue for my skin tone. Even after trying to blend it into my skin, I could still see that streak of blue which I’m not a fan of. Unicorn Dreams on the other hand is a gorgeous shade of peach that flattered my skin tone.


Both sticks are infused with Too Faced’s signature unicorn scent, kinda like a light bubblegum/cotton candy scent.


The next product is one that I will never ever ever use in my lifetime (I think). It’s none other than the Unicorn Tears Bronzer, an iridescent mystical bronzer that has got the most beautiful embossing. Me being a beauty junkie, I collect such beautifully embossed makeup. It’s like a piece of art to me with its delicate details.

(L: Rainbow Strobe Highlighter, R: Unicorn Tears Bronzer)

Since I’m not touching it, you won’t be seeing swatches of this unfortunately. What it claims to be is a bronzer that combines the effects of the warm bronze of sunlight, the ethereal glow of moonlight and the twinkling effect of starlight together that produces a radiant, shimmering effect.

(The inspiration? A quote from Jerrod, “Dream big, chase rainbows, and fall in love at a festival”.)

Rainbow Strobe Highlighter

Remember there was a brief period of time where the Internet went crazy over rainbow highlighters? My second favourite from this collection is the Rainbow Strobe Highlighter. Needless to say, this highlighter gives you this amazing rainbow effect with its six strips of colours.


For a true rainbow effect, you’re supposed to pick up product from left to right with a flat dense brush and apply in one single stroke. It’s buildable so you can either opt for a sheer effect or go full-on strobe. Alternatively, if you aren’t feeling adventurous, swirl the colours together for an effortless prismatic effect.


Likewise, the formula is infused with rose quartz powder for a boost of love energy! However, I find that the formula is not as finely-milled and can really accentuate skin textures and pores.

Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush

I like to use this highlighter with the Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush, the real VIP of this festival season. Just take a look at its fun rainbow bristles! They aren’t just pretty, the teddy bear bristles are so dense and soft they work perfectly with the Rainbow Strobe to give you a multi-dimensional glow. You can use it for contouring too.



La Crème Mystical Lipstick

Prior to the launch of this collection, I already own a La Crème Lipstick in Unicorn Tears. Too Faced revamped the formula with the La Crème Mystical Lipstick with three added shades. The La Crème Mystical Lipstick in Unicorn Tears is slightly darker in shade as compared to the original.

I have with me only Angel Tears and the new Unicorn Tears from the original line of four (+ Mermaid Tears and Fairy Tears). The lipsticks contain shade–shifting technology that changes colour with your body temperature. It is infused with White Lotus Flower Extract for hydration. As with all La Crème lipsticks, the formula is buttery and glides on easily.


Magic Crystal Lip Topper

For a more whimsical touch, add on a layer of the Magic Crystal Lip Topper! There are four mystical effects lip toppers in this collection made with a holographic shift. As the name suggests, it’s a colour-shifting lip gloss to apply over your favourite lipstick or, you can wear them alone for a pretty prismatic effect.



The Shades

The four shades are:

  • Angel Tears – light beige with a pearlescent finish
  • Fairy Tears – warm yellow with a peach shift and micro sparkle
  • Mermaid Tears – moss green with a blue shift and micro sparkle
  • Unicorn Tears – cool violet-blue duochrome

The lip glosses are not sticky and they are pretty light, similar to the Peach Lip Oils except that it doesn’t melt into your lips to nourish your lips like what a lip balm does. I do like the holographic effects because they are great for parties!


Festival Refresh Spray

Feel all the good vibes and seal all the good things we’ve talked about! You can’t miss the Festival Refresh Spray, a mystical effects setting and refreshing spray!~ This mystifying makeup setting and refreshing spray is infused with opalescent pearls for all-over sparkling illumination. It has a slight cooling effect and the rose quartz powder adds on to your love energy.



To use it, you gotta shake thoroughly to ensure that all the opalescent pearl and rose quartz powders are nicely blended into the formula before you spritz. It’s alcohol-free so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin. I love the fresh dreamy scent, it makes you happy while putting it on!


After a lengthy review, are you feeling all the posi-vibes yet? 😀 I feel so dreamy just by recalling my experience with these fun-loving collection! Here’s my makeup look using some of my favourite items in the collection:

Too-Faced-Lifes-A-Festival-Unicorn_Makeup_01 Too-Faced-Lifes-A-Festival-Unicorn_Makeup_02

The Too Faced Life’s A Festival Collection is available in all Sephora stores and Sephora Online.

Create yourself and be gorgeous! XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were provided by Too Faced for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am NOT compensated nor affiliated with the brand.

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