Unlock the Korean secret to dewy skin with DCS AQUADERM skincare range: Review

Unlock the Korean secret to dewy skin with DCS AQUADERM skincare range: Review
Following the Korean trend of 물광피부 (mul-gwang-pi-bu), translated as “watery-light” dewy skin, many skincare brands have upped their game by providing ultra moisturising skincare products. New Korean skincare brand, DCS, makes its mark to Singapore with its AQUADERM skincare range, dedicated to give you that radiant, hydrated skin that’s never out of trend!
The DCS AQUADERM brings forth skin renewal with volcanic seawater from Jeju contained in all its products. Having tried 5 out of 6 of its products, I must say that for a new brand, it is pretty impressive!
Jeju’s volcanic seawater forms the core base of all DCS products and what makes the specific seawater so ideal for the skincare range is its rare mineral content of selenium, zinc and iron – all of which are vital to skin health.

  • Selenium – an antioxidant mineral that prevents cell damage and guards tissue elasticity
  • Zinc – reduces excessive sebum production and alleviates acne-caused damage to the skin
  • Iron – improves regeneration and repair abilities of skin
Other than the nutrient-rich volcanic seawater, all products in the AQUADERM range also contains Agave cactus extract, known to have excellent water storage capabilities.
Every skincare regime starts with cleansing. There are many types of foam cleansers in the market but having tried the Super Aqua Foam Cleanser (S$30.50),  I find that this is one of the better ones I have tried for it doesn’t dry out your skin excessively. It is quite unlike the typical foam cleansers that’ll give you the super squeaky-clean after-feel.
The texture is pretty much the usual creamy ones like all others out there and foams upon lathering. It helps to deeply cleanse your pores while replenishing the skin with moisture.
Also in the range is the Super Aqua Toner (S$33.50) which seeks to restore moisture balance in the skin after a rejuvenating cleanse of your skin in the shower! I have to recommend this, just because it really instantly hydrates the skin, without leaving any stickiness!
Why I enjoyed using this is because it smells refreshing, and is not as watery as the usual toners. You can visibly see that the consistency is slightly thicker than normal toners just by swirling the liquid around in its bottle. Judging by the texture, smell and feel, I think it also contains less alcohol content, which means it will not irritate sensitive skin. It gets absorbed into the skin immediately upon patting on. I use this without a cotton pad.
Possibly the highlight of the AQUADERM range with its unique packaging and fabulous formula, the Super Aqua Ampoule (S$53) is formulated to plump and rejuvenate your skin! Named as an ampoule, it’s supposed to deliver an optimum dose of ingredients to the skin for extra goodness. Sure enough, the ampoule contains the highest concentration of enriching active ingredients to provide intense moisture, as opposed to a serum or essence.
Isn’t that little ball on the top cute?! That was what caught my attention when I unboxed it! It is, in fact, the rubber bulb of the dropper tool, which makes dispensing the product a hygienic and hassle-free task.
As pictured, the ampoule has a rather thick consistency, but when lightly blended, seems to be more watery than expected. It spreads onto the skin really easily, yet gets absorbed very quickly too! The ampoule is formulated with sodium hyaluronate to build up skin’s resilience and moisture. It has a mild comforting scent as well which I like on my skin, especially before bed.
In the range, there are two moisturising creams, one for day use and one to apply before bedtime. Between the two, I am more drawn to the night cream.
The Super Aqua Day Cream (S$41) has a richer texture and stronger scent. It contains lavender and pansy extracts for added moisture and nutrition.
Not too sure if you’re able to see but the day cream is pretty heavy in terms of texture. I find that I have mixed feelings towards this moisturiser, perhaps because I’m a gel-cream type of girl. When applied on the skin, it appeared to me that my skin feels slightly oily which took a bit of time to wear off. No doubt, it helps to smooth the skin while brightening the complexion, but I am not a fan of the rich creamy consistency. I guess if you have dry skin, this will be better suited for you, not to mention that it has SPF20 PA+ in it for that teenie weenie bit of sun protection on days you want to be makeup-free.
Oh yes, another of my favourite in this range, the Super Aqua Night Cream (S$41)! For some reason, this night cream is lighter in texture than the day cream, which I thought was odd. Shouldn’t the night cream be thicker in texture for added moisture? Haha, I was wrong! It doesn’t mean the thicker the texture, the better moisturising properties it has!
After a long hard day at school or work, the skin becomes hypersensitive due to the environmental aggressors and stress. Above the agave cactus extract lies three plant extracts – lavender, cornflower and pansy – all of which work to restore skin to a healthy state. It keeps the skin really hydrated throughout the night and by the morning, you can wake up to smooth skin without too much oiliness as compared to not applying the night before. It also has got whitening and anti-wrinkle effects, so it’s suitable for ageing skin too! Be one step closer to having 물광피부 now!
Even though this is a relatively new brand, I think this skincare range is worth checking out. For the efficacy of the products, I think it’s pretty value for money.
The DCS AQUADERM range is available exclusively at Watsons stores.
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent by the team from DCS Skincare for my consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself. I am NOT compensated by/nor affiliated with the brand.

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