Unveil the secrets of royal beauty with The History of Whoo Bichup Soon Hwan Essence: Review

History of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence
Ever got pampered so much that you felt like a queen? You can do the same for your skin too and make yourself feel like Your Royal Highness. The premium Korean skincare label, The History of Whoo, recently made its entrance into our shores. Already a fan of its Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Lipstick, I was intrigued to test out its legendary skincare line. Fortunately for me, I had the chance to immerse myself in complete luxury with The History of Whoo Bichup Soon Hwan Essence.
Whoo is derived from the Chinese character “”, meaning empress or queen. The History of Whoo therefore encompasses both oriental traditions and the history of the empress’ secret beauty formula. The precious beauty skincare line is inspired from the traditional Korean royal culture, made modern with today’s science and technology, and is designed to convey modern cosmetic virtues while embodying regal beauty.

Interestingly, the regenerative Bichup Line holds the concept of “healing from within”. Similar to traditional Chinese medicine, Bichup skincare targets skin problems from the root of the cause. It helps the skin to recognise its weaknesses and thus induce cell activities for self-repair regardless of skin age. If you are in the mid-20s like me, it’s the must-have starter range because it provides the skin with energy for future repair activities.
Housed in a beautiful porcelain-white glass bottle with intricate blue and gold lotus details, the Limited Edition Bichup Soon Hwan Essence is a gem on any girl’s vanity table. Note that its original packaging is an amber gold bottle which signifies royalty and power, much like a treasure in the royal palace.
As a must-have first care essence, the Bichup Soon Hwan Essence helps to provide and aid absorption of essential nutrients to the skin while enabling blood and “Qi” circulation for optimal skincare results. It contains the signature Gongjinbidan Complex (供辰秘丹), which comprises of the 6 following oriental herbs:
  • Deer Antler (鹿茸)
  • Angelica Root (当归)
  • Cornelian Cherries (山茱萸)
  • Asparagus Root (天门冬)
  • Wild Thyme (麝香草)
  • Acanthopanax Root Bark (五加皮)
If you observe the ingredients being used in the essence, you’ll notice that all of them are oriental herbs. It’s fascinating to see such medicated herbs being the star ingredients in skincare products and The History of Whoo is one of the leading skincare brands to explore the idea. 
Gongjinbidan has many benefits for the skin, such as strengthening skin’s resilience, balancing the Yin & Yang energy and improving energy flow to the skin. When applied, you’ll be able to feel the improved blood circulation coupled with slight warmth after a few minutes. It’s not a tingling warm sensation like you get from some other skincare products, so don’t worry even if you have sensitive skin. The complex is also responsible for clearer skin tone, soft and smoother skin texture and hydration. This Yin Yang Balancing Formula makes use of the concept of Su Seung Hwa Gang (升水降火), an 800-years-old imperial secret anti-aging treatment made for the emperor – which literally means to increase water () energy while diminishing the heat () energy – for you to achieve youthfulness through balanced and thoroughly hydrated skin.
Other than Gongjinbidan, the royal medicinal herbal formulas, Gyeongoakbidan, Cheongsimbidan and Haeulhwan complexes, work hand-in-hand to provide you with the following skincare benefits:
  • Gyeongoakbidan (琼玉秘丹): protects skin and delay premature aging; helps in pore minimising; keeps skin moisturised
  • Cheongsimbidan (清心秘丹) (once used by the royal courts): boosts skin detoxification; soothes skin troubles
  • Haeulhwan (解郁丸): formulated with 6 oriental herbs; responsible for improving blood circulation to facilitate effective facial detoxification; reduces facial water retention; improves skin tone


To analyse deeper into the Haeulhwan Complex, I’ve looked into the 6 herbs that are being encapsulated in microbeads and they are:
  • Five Flavour Berry (五味子)
  • Pine Tree (松树)
  • Goji Berry (枸杞)
  • 6 Year Old Ginseng (六年人参根)
  • Fox Glove (毛地黄)
  • Wild Yam (野生山芋)


The Bichup Soon Hwan Essence is in the form of a watery yellow gel and when spread onto the skin, the microbeads dissolve and penetrate into the skin layers. With so many herbal complexes as the main ingredients, you would probably think that the essence smells “herby”. I quite fancy the scent because it has a faint powdery floral scent combined with a slight tinge of ginseng/herbal fragrance which is almost non-detectable.
Overall, I love using this especially as part of my night time skincare regime as the slight warming sensation is pretty comforting. The next day, you’ll notice that your skin becomes baby-smooth and is hydrated without being oily. I’m impressed with the formula as well because it’s super watery and not sticky at all, with the essence being fast-absorbing. If you are looking for an effective essence to promote better skin health, give the Bichup Soon Hwan Essence a shot!

The History of Whoo Bichup Soon Hwan Essence (Limited Edition) retails for SGD160 (regular: SGD122)  and is exclusively available at TANGS Online or at Tang Plaza, Level 1.

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XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Product was provided by The History of Whoo for review consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself. I am NOT compensated nor affiliated to the brand.

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