Shift & Transform your Eye Looks with Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Swatches & Makeup Looks

Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette

We were in 2017 where holographic = life. Just when you thought that maybe holograph is going out of trend, it’s going to be bigger and better this 2018. Expect a ton of holographic glitter and shimmer this year and for starters, I’m already digging the yet-to-be-released Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette.

We saw how the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette gave you that holographic glow on your cheeks, working its magic on transforming your eyeshadows and lipsticks early last year. Just when I was happily playing with those shades, Urban Decay decided to drop an entire palette dedicated to shade morphing. They’ve made it bigger (literally) and (maybe?) better. The Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette is here to inject more fun in the way you do your eye makeup.


I couldn’t wait for the launch here in Singapore so much so that I got mine from the States but at a hefty price tag (because of shipping) but no regrets there because once a #UDJunkie, always one!

The Packaging

Anyway, let’s dive right into this really cool palette. Like most Limited Edition UD palettes, this one has got a plastic case on a purple base, but transparent. The lid on the other hand, embodies the spirit of the shades inside – its faceted lid with cool holographic effects simply makes any girl scream Y-E-S, Y-E-S & YES! As you tilt the palette to catch the light, at different angles, it’ll reflect a beautiful rainbow effect. I’ve seen many palettes that try to do that, but none like this!


The Shades

Zooming into the 15 shades, we have the top row filled with 5 shifty, multidimensional hues that allow you to layer over other shades to transform them, and 10 other shades (9 new) for you to play with. Apparently, the colours are also arranged in vertical trios for you to easily create looks, or you can follow the interconnected lines between the pans for more shade pairing ideas.


As with all other UD palettes, this palette is super pigmented with none of the shades disappointing me. Every shade comes off with excellent colour payoff on one swipe and blends easily. The 15 shades are:

  • Bleach – gold shift
  • Shifty – green shift
  • Space – blue shift
  • Mind Game – lavender shift
  • Blur – pink shift
  • First Offense – metallic burnt orange
  • Hot Box – deep green satin with green micro-sparkle
  • 5.0 – metallic medium blue
  • Rogue – muted medium purple shimmer
  • Trash Talk – muted medium pink shimmer with purple shift
  • Territorial – deep metallic bronze
  • Blackout – blackest black matte (not new because it’s the blackest matte black UD ever produced)
  • Old Smoke – smoky metallic medium gray
  • Shag – metallic silver with iridescent micro-sparkle
  • Velvet – metallic burgundy with gold micro-sparkle


Technically, with this palette, you can have over 65 combinations of colours (15 + 5 x 10) depending on how you layer them. You can even layer three shades on top of each other and you’ll never know how it’ll turn out until you try. The other day I was testing this out and was pleasantly surprised at how the blue complimented the orange in my eye look. Even if you’re gunning for a neutral look with this, you’re able to achieve it.

The Swatches

So, swatches first:


My Thoughts

I personally love this palette more than a lot of my other palettes but it will be even better if I had a matte wine or matte dusty rose for the crease colour. I’m not necessarily a pink person so I’m not feeling Thrash Talk at all. Also, Hot Box is a deepened, blackened green so when blended, looked more like black/deep grey than a green so I wasn’t as impressed with this shade as well.

When you’re trying to shift the shades, note that some colours may not reflect a dramatic change when layered with the 5 shifty shades but you’ll still able to notice a slight difference which will actually make a difference to your eye looks. Here’s one I did experimenting with the blues and oranges I mentioned earlier:



All in all, the palette is amazing as it is, and if I could change the 2 above-mentioned shades, it will be perfect for me.

Will you be picking this up?

The Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette is an online exclusive on


Create yourself and be gorgeous! XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by my own means. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am NOT affiliated nor compensated.

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