Urban Decay: Feminine Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay: Feminine Palette Review

All the school work has been taking a toll on the amount of free time I have. Now my make-up blog is being abandoned because of the endless number of project meetings and late night studying in school. I finally managed to squeeze out some time after approximately 2 months to do a short review on the Urban Decay Fun, Feminine and Dangerous Palettes for their 2012 Holiday collection.

Today’s review is going to be… The Feminine Palette, my favourite of the three! (: I simply love the purple-pink casing with the black laced details (there is some layering going on between the purple base and the lace and it’s so cool! It’s just too bad the camera can’t seem to capture that 3D effect. and what’s interesting about these palettes are that they double up as a mini wallet/clutch except that you can’t really place your phones or bank cards inside due to the magnetic strip inside. So this is how the palette looks like:

All palettes come with a mini lip junkie and there is a mini mirror on one side as well. The palette itself can be taken out for the casing to be used as a wallet/clutch.

When opened, there are 6 eyeshadows in there and of course, the travel-sized lip junkie, and what I like most about this palette out of the 3 is that this is the only palette that you can do a full eye-makeup with because it contains a highlight shade Skimp, and perhaps Lost can be doubled-up as a brow shade too!

Each eyeshadow is 0.03 oz (compared to an Urban Decay full-sized shadow at 0.05 oz) while the mini lip junkie is 0.11 oz (compared to the full-sized Lip Junkie at 0.34 oz).


Here are the colours:
Bordello – Mauvish pink with gold micro glitters
Skimp – Light shimmery peachy pearl
AC/DC – Cool greyish purple
Gunmetal – Grey satin finish with silver micro glitter
Hijack – Shimmery metallic teal green
Lost – Warm metallic copper brown

Wallflower (Feminine Palette) / Midnight Cowboy (Fun Palette) / Naked (Dangerous Palette)

And the lip junkie Wallflower is just a nude creme-finish gloss colour that just blends in to my lip colour. It just doesn’t work well with my natural lip colour. What I do like about the formula is that it leaves a minty cooling sensation when applied, keeping me refreshed (:

The Feminine Palette can be purchased at all Sephora SG stores and it retails for S$62 or alternatively, you can get it at Urban Decay’s website here. Bear in mind that Urban Decay does not directly ship to Singapore.

I really love this palette and it has been my go-to palette whenever I have presentations in school because the light colours on the top row allow me to do a very light and clean make-up look. My favourite colour would be Lost in here because of the buttery smooth texture and excellent colour payoff. I reach out for AC/DC quite often as well when I need a hint of colour on my neutral eye makeup.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the review and let me know in the comments section what do you think of the Feminine Palette! I will post up the reviews of the other 2 palettes real soon!

Create yourself and be gorgeous, girls! ♡

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