Your powerful skin superfood – Biotherm Blue Therapy Anti-Aging Range: Review

Biotherm Blue Therapy Anti-Aging
Food for thought: being in your twenties doesn’t mean your skin is still young. This is something I’ve learnt having gone through many beauty events and my own research on skincare! Not being blessed with good skin also encouraged me to step up on my skincare regime in order to maintain my skin’s youthfulness!
A strong believer of hydration skincare products, Biotherm wows me again with its Blue Therapy Anti-Aging Skincare Range! I’m not saying this because I was given the products to try. There are of course, pros and cons, and things I like and don’t fancy about the range as well. I’ve started using anti-aging products – those that hydrate the skin primarily – because being allergic to most sunscreens further expose me to the dangers of skin aggressors.
The Blue Therapy range is developed to repair visible signs of aging, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of skin firmness. Super-packed with the power of 3 precious aquatic actives from the world’s living waters, the skincare range seeks to repair with triple action to regenerate, firm and strengthen skin!
Of course, the first in any skincare regime is to tone your skin right? The Blue Therapy Cosmetic Water (S$59) is an unsurprisingly lightweight toner that refreshes and refines skin! Apply product onto a cotton pad after cleansing your skin and gently wipe to remove residual impurities. It comes in a cute giant water droplet-like bottle just like the Life Plankton Essence.
I find that this toner effectively prepares my skin for serum and moisturiser because it takes away dirt and gently refines pores and surface irregularities. The only thing I didn’t like about this is its perfume-like fragrance. I would imagine this to smell more refreshing and more like the sea, since it contains the essence of the aquatics. No biggie though because it didn’t irritate my skin in any way.
The next product I am going to talk about is newly launched and it’s my current favourite already! It made its way into my skincare regime because it works for my skin! The NEW Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum (S$99-129) is a brand new serum developed to prevent accumulation of damaged and aged proteins while simultaneously boosting cellular metabolism by 42% – all of these helping in the combat of skin-aging problems.
The serum is infused with the highly regenerative Algae of Youth – Alaria Esculenta Extract to accelerate the skin’s self-repair mechanism. It is effectively a power-packed serum that allows your skin to self-repair due to the highly regenerative nature of the Alaria Esculenta. It acts to combat aging by neutralising inflammaging and boosting age-damaged proteins elimination via the activation of an enzyme, proteasome and also to speed up repair by accelerating cellular metabolism and the synthesis of essential epidermal lipids.
The serum comes in a glass bottle with a very convenient dropper. This is my first encounter with such an innovative dropper tool! All you need to do is to press the tip to draw and release the product, according to how much you require for your face and neck. So easy and hygienic huh? 😉
Having described so much about the ingredients, so what does the serum actually do for my skin?
I find that the texture is very light but rich, yet absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a sticky residue. After which, you’ll feel that your skin is thoroughly hydrated from within with pores smoothed out! Yes, you’ll see it shrinking a little after application and what delights me is that you’ll feel your skin revealing a velvety-smooth finish that’s soft to the finger’s touch. Kinda like baby skin, if you know what I mean! It smells a lot like the Cosmetic Water but feels more like you’re patting on skincare coming from the luxurious and nutritious seabed.
A serum is usually not enough to hydrate and protect the skin. Complete your regime with the Blue Therapy Cream (S$105), an anti-aging moisturiser that repairs visible signs of aging. Interestingly, it provides SPF 15, and is suitable for normal to combination skin.
It is a cream, hence the texture is slightly richer than a lot of hydrating moisturisers. However, it is not too rich for combination skin like mine. I know that people with combination like mine usually don’t venture into anti-aging skincare ranges but rest assured, it didn’t break me out despite being an anti-aging moisturiser.
Similar to the serum, it gets absorbed into the skin pretty quickly and gives a velvety-soft finish. It gives a nice radiant glow to the skin and instantly makes the skin look plumper! Well-hydrated skin always looks healthier and plumper!
Another favourite of mine is the Blue Therapy Eye Cream (S$70). What’s a skincare routine without taking care of your delicate eyes? Wrinkles and crow’s feet can really annoy especially when you look yourself in the mirror every day. If you are in your twenties, it’s time to protect the eye area. It is, in fact, the most attention-winning of the face for age perception. People determine how old you look based on those lines around the eye zone and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to have those wrinkly lines in your twenties, right?
I don’t exactly experience wrinkles yet (because I’m still combating acne at my age) but I find that having an eye cream is essential to prevent future skin sagging problems.The eyes do require specific anti-aging skincare too.
Probably wouldn’t be a surprise anymore, the absorption rate for the eye cream is fast. It also targets wrinkles, lack of firmness and especially darkness around the eyes and under-eye bags! It does brighten up the eye area and reduces the appearance of my pesky eye bags from late night blogging (oops!).
Overall, I’ve been using the entire range for 2 weeks now and I find that my skin is very hydrated and I truly enjoy the velvety texture after applying the products onto my skin. With the incorporation of the Biotherm Life Plankton Essence (see previous review here), it helps prep the skin for the Blue Therapy range!
Though I wish the scent could be lighter and more refreshing, I did enjoy the products from this range and appreciate that they didn’t break my skin out and in fact, helped improve the texture of my skin! My favourites are none other than the Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum for it helps shrink my stubborn large pores and the Eye Cream for it brightened up the area around my eyes!
Have you tried any from this rejuvenating skincare range? 😉
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Product was sent by Biotherm Singapore for my consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.I am not compensated/affiliated to the company.

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